(x)clusive!: Block B + B1A4 = ? MATCH it UP at MTV’s Match Up Showcase! (Korea Special)

Just a few days after (x)clusive met up rookie group Block B for an exclusive interview (that will be coming up really soon), we had the chance to attend their showcase, as organised by MTV Korea and was part of the reality show Block B and B1A4 were on – Match Up. Fans of Block B and B1A4 would have caught the show showing the hilarious and 100% real going-ons of their daily schedules and lives – from Zico‘s mad reggae skills to Gongchan‘s 24/7 aegyo.

We had no idea it was their last recording for Match Up, but as a showcase go, we got to catch some new performances, solo and duet stages, and caught Block B1A4‘s fun and cute interactions with the fans! Both groups had their showcases separately with a duration of about 2 hours each, and we had of got a glimpse of the showcase B1A4 will be having in Singapore 2 weeks later.

Block B went ahead with the showcase first, unveiling a new routine for their song Halo. It’s a lot of “put your hands in the air” and jumping around and high-energy like all Block B performances – check out the pictures!

It was followed up by a ‘singer’ stage and ‘rapper’ stage, solo stages showing off Jaehyo and Taeil‘s soulful singing, Zico‘s rapping, U-Kwon and B-Bomb‘s dance battle and even randomly, Zico, Jaehyo and B-Bomb doing a short cute dance from IU‘s Marshmallow!

Halfway through the showcase, Park Kyung made a huge announcement… That he has a girlfriend! A girl came up onstage and Kyung gave her a hug immediately, and even kissed her on the cheek! You could feel the crowd buzzing with bewilderment, and the girl took up courage to say how much Kyung meant to her – the crowd was so touched by her words, everyone started cheering for this couple! Everyone actually believed it until Kyung suddenly exclaimed that the girl was really… his sister! They really tricked everyone, but don’t you think they look alike?

The show went on with a fan games segment, where fans had to send a message to a number and the person who sent the fastest correct answer will be able to go onstage to be serenaded by PO and Kyung. The question was “How long is the length of Park Kyung’s face?” Someone actually got it and when she went on stage, she passed a cucumber to Kyung (who was always teased to have a face as long as a cucumber) – Kyung was indeed exasperated for a moment but accepted the gift anyway.

Then came the last segment, “소원을 말해봐” or Tell Me Your Wish (the same name as Girls’ Generation‘s song), where some wishes of the fans were picked by each member, and the fan’s wish will come true, along with receiving a special present. Some of the boys sang, U-Kwon showed his aegyo and Taeil even had to do a sexy dance! Zico gave a fan a CD with some mixtapes he made which even the members have not heard of, while PO gave the shirt that he was wearing during the rappers’ performance earlier on.

Block B’s showcase ended off with an energectic performance for “가서 천해” or Go and Tell, the song the boys are currently promoting at the moment.

B1A4‘s showcase started about an hour after Block B‘s ended; the place was filled with fans so much that at B1A4‘s first appearance onstage, there was a mini stampede on the floor (Note: always be careful when you’re at such crowded events guys!). It happened for Block B‘s too, and they had to take a break for about 10 mins before the show resumed – but this goes to show that the popularity of these two groups are indeed great!

B1A4 started off their showcase with a cheerful greeting and performance of Bling Girl and “못된 것만 배워서” or Only Learnt The Bad Things.

Rapper of the group, Baro, performed next showcasing his impressive rapping skills and CNU joined him onstage with a crowd-cheering number that got the crowd going “Yeah, yeah, yeah!”

The boys then settled down for a “heart to heart” song, which was actually things the members wanted to say about one another. Leader Jinyoung was in charge of playing the background music with his guitar, while the members sang about their first impressions and hilarious comments. Baro actually prepared some pre-debut photos of the members to share with the audience –

Sandeul got upset over his photo (above), and even more when Baro chose a picture of Crong (Korean cartoon Pororo‘s friend) to represent group youngest, Gongchan. The boys started to complain about one another in their song and they were jumping around and making weird noises.

Of course, it was all friendly and for fun, and the boys moved on to the next segment – fan games. Jinyoung departed from the stage, while the rest of the members carried on, by having a random draw to pick numbers of some lucky fans who can come onstage to interact and receive presents from the boys. A lot of the fans requested the boys to kiss them; Gongchan‘s excuse was that he was underage, while CNU actually agreed – but he kissed the toy bear instead, and gave it to the fan.

Jinyoung had a surprise in store for the fans – just like what happened to Block B’s Park Kyung, Jinyoung came out to sing a love song, and told the audience he had a confession to make. He invited his “girlfriend” to sit down at the center of the stage while kneeling down with a bouquet of flowers – the audience really went mad this time, especially by some convience, he forgot to tell the fans after, that it was just a joke.

A lot of the girls were crying, while some were calling up their friends telling them about it! It was like a previous time when Jinyoung played a prank on their show Match Up – he feigned “fainting” that shocked the staff so much one of them cried. That’s bad-boy Jinyoung for you!

After the hustle from the confession, Sandeul took back the stage with the song he sang in the past, that won him first place of a competition; his vocals were indeed worth of praise. The mood lightened further when Sandeul put on a shimmery red coat and started to sing a trot song, which all the members joined in and the party resumed.

It was nearly the end of the showcase, when the boys shared their thoughts about the last episode of Match Up, The boys thanked all the MTV staff and the support the fans gave them, especially when their promotions have ended, the next time the boys will be meeting the fans will be their next song release – at this point, Sandeul had tears in his eyes. The other members did not cry however, and the boys sang the ballad from their album, Only One.

Finally B1A4 wrapped up the showcase with a cover for DJ DOC’s Run To You, which featured funny dance moves and B1A4‘s trademark, the beansprout dance, and their debut song, O.K!

Notably some of the family members of Block B and B1A4 respectively came to watch the showcase, and I would say they are definitely proud to be able to watch their children perform so well, after all the hard work they’ve put in. All the best to Block B and B1A4, the most up and rising rookie groups of the year!

Much thanks to MTV and the showcase will be aired on MTV’s Match Up, at 11PM (Korean Time) on the 10th of August. Also, watch out for (x)clusive‘s exclusive interview with Block B coming to you very soon!

10 thoughts on “(x)clusive!: Block B + B1A4 = ? MATCH it UP at MTV’s Match Up Showcase! (Korea Special)

  • July 30, 2011 at 12:34 PM

    Argh it sounds so awesome! I’m sure you had a great time! Now I’m even more excited for the B1A4 showcase that’s coming up soon. Now I just need Block B to come here and my life will be complete. 🙂

  • July 30, 2011 at 12:34 PM

    Thanks for recounting the showcase for us! I wish Block B would come to Singapore like B1A4 did 🙂 They might be considered rookie groups but they’re gaining immense followers all around the world 🙂

  • July 30, 2011 at 3:38 PM

    Man, I’m so jealous of you guys! The showcase sounds like so much fun… And now only if Block B will hold one in Singapore XD

  • July 30, 2011 at 11:32 PM

    The showcase sounds really awesome!!!! I think all the fans really enjoyed themselves there!~ How I wish that Block B would come to Singapore and hold a showcase here too! 😀

  • July 30, 2011 at 11:39 PM

    Oh wow! That sounds like so much fun!! I wish I were there too! But nevertheless thank u! Reading this made me feel like I was part of the audience ^_^ Initially I watched match up because of b1a4. But I gotta say while b1a4 is great (I really like them), I can’t deny the fact that block b fascinates me to the point that I decided to become officially a BBC.

    I hope that block b will come to Singapore too! I would love to see them.

    • July 31, 2011 at 7:35 PM

      Me too! I originally checked out Match Up for B1A4 but I have to say while those boys are cute, I love how Block B are totally candid and awesome, and every single one of them has their own distinct personality.

  • August 3, 2011 at 2:53 AM

    B1A4 is coming to sg soon.. Hopefully, it will be Block B’s turn next.. Even though both are rookie groups, the way they performed on stage felt like they have been performing their whole lives.. Both groups have got their own unique style.. I’m sure they will gain recognition for their efforts in the long run.. I would love to watch Block B perform live right in front of my very eyes in sg 1 day.. Keeping my fingers crossed till that day comes.. (^v^)


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