(x)clusive!: Listen SMTOWN, Singapore’s first SMTOWN flashmob!

France, Spain, Peru, even NYC in US – what do they have in common? You know it – all these countries have had flashmobs to try bring SMTOWN concert to their countries, and since last Saturday, Singapore officially joins this list on the quest to bring SMTOWN concert to Singapore!


Organised by three dedicated SMTOWN fans, they gathered more than 7000 Singaporeans on their Facebook page and out of these 70 plus fans signed up for the flashmob – who ultimately put up a spectacular dance right under the nose of Singapore’s icon, the Merlion.

The crowd gathered early afternoon on the 25th of June at the Citylink B-Boy empty area for a short briefing and a brief run-through before the actual deed.

Briefing on the location

Some practice…

Sorry Sorry by Super Junior! ddaddanrran ddanddanddan~

Other SMTOWN fans who preferred not to dance also came to support with their pretty fanboards and placards!

Singapore ELFs!
"We love SMTOWN family!"

And the final pose:

Practicing the final cheer

And after lots of cheering and noise-making fanchants, the crowd finally moved to THE location for the deed – The Merlion. The Merlion has always been Singapore’s iconic mascot and where else better to promote Singapore and show off the Singaporean spirit? However the weather wasn’t to the favour of many – it was sweltering hot, but the heat didn’t bring the flashmobbers down – in fact, it just emphasized their burning passion to do it!

Singapore's icon, Merlion, facing Marina Bay Sands

So at 3.30+PM, the tourists and passer-bys were surprised by a sudden crowd of dancing people right in front of the Merlion!

The unsuspecting crowd...
BoA's Hurricane Venus!
SHINee's Ring Ding Dong
SNSD's widely famous song - GEE
Part of TVXQ's Keep Your Head Down

Ending of with a bang, the crowd ran together and shouted, “SMTOWN SINGAPORE!”

"We're SMTOWN Singapore~!!"

And it definitely set a milestone in Singapore’s K-pop scene. There has been many previous flashmobs by Kpop fans, but this not only adds on to the list, but will it make history by creating enough buzz to reach the ears and eyes of SM Entertainment a few thousand miles away?

Organisers of SMTOWN Singapore

The girls have plans. Other than spreading the word via local media, they will be putting forth the petition to SM Entertainment. No one knows what the outcome of the petition will be, seeing so many previous ones dissolve in the past – but one thing’s for sure, the passion of fans of SMTOWN family will keep burning as they continue to make themselves known to the company.

Earlier today, K-Pop Asia, the organiser for K-Pop Heal The World concert earlier this month, teased about bringing SMTOWN concert to Singapore – could it be the early fulfillment of this wish?… If that’s the case, you guys have to stay tuned! 😉

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