(x)clusive!: David Choi’s Singapore Concert, lah.

Guest reporter: Elizabeth

Fans of Korean dramas have probably heard his songs on popular dramas “Secret Garden”, “My Princess” and “All My Love”. In fact, his songs have been featured countless times on American TV as well. If you’ve been lurking on YouTube near enough, you would’ve heard of Korean-American singer-songwriter David Choi, one of the most subscribed musicians with his videos viewed over 90 million times.

PIC: David Choi's Official Website

David Choi visited Singapore last year for 11 days, where he performed at Baybeats as well as various popular nightspots. This year, he was back for his two-day mini-concert. Both of which was sold out.

(x)clusive met with David Choi at his closed-door meet and greet with a small group of fans at the Mint Toy Museum where he played three traditional Singaporean games, pick-up sticks, five stones and chapteh.

Initially shy to participate in the games with David, the fans warmed up quickly to his playful prodding. He even offered to give $10 to anyone who could kick chapteh at least 10 times. And upon a request from one of his fans, the dancing machine performed his trademark dance (lol):

David plays with pick-up-stix
Chapteh Challenge!

Later in the night was the first of his two-days mini-concerts at the Esplanade Recital Studio. David kept everything no fuss and frills, using only one guitar to perform all his songs that night.

The easy-going musician put his audience right at ease with his comical comments about Singapore and witty banter with fans. He even showed off what he learnt in Singlish, Mandarin and Malay, and wouldn’t stop using ‘lah’ after every sentence, much to the amusement of everyone.

At one point, he even remarked about why he didn’t see any cameras in the audience. Upon learning that it was Esplanade’s rules, he rebelliously proceeded to encourage everyone to break the rules along with him and allowed photos and videos to be taken.

The mastermind!

Local singer-songwriter, Inch Chua, was invited to perform as his opening act. (Check her out at www.inchchua.com!) She also performed “My Time With You” with David, a popular duet originally performed by himself and Kina Granis, another YouTube star.

Duet With Inch Chua

Even with a sore throat, David pulled off all his songs impressively. He started off with the song that first got him worldwide recognition on YouTube, “YouTube, A Love Song”, to crowd favourites such as “That Girl”, “Won’t Even Start”, “Rocketeer”, and two new songs from his upcoming third album, “This And That Is Life” and “You Were My Friend”.

To end off, here’s a performance of his last song, “By My Side”!

After all these, it was difficult not to be fans of this funny and down-to-earth musician. But I just won’t be calling him ‘David-oppa’ though. That would be weird. I think. Haha.

Do remember to look out for his new music video for “By My Side”, also produced by Wong Fu Productions, to be released on his YouTube channel on July 7th once he completes his Asia Pacific tour.

PIC: David Choi's Official Website

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