KARA Unit to come to Singapore?

Seems like Singapore Kamilias will finally get to see their favourite KARA soon – even though it’s just Hara, Jiyoung and Gyuri. Earlier today Allkpop released an article about the trio signing on to Nature Republic, as follows:

KARA’s GyuriHara, and Jiyoung have all signed an exclusive one year contract with cosmetics brand, “Nature Republic“, to become their latest models!

On June 2nd, representatives of the brand revealed, “Continuing on from JYJ, Jang Geun Suk, and now Hara, Gyuri, and Jiyoung we’re looking forward to seeing the worth of our brand shoot up. We will continue to reach out to our consumers both in Korea and overseas with great products and marketing promotions with the KARA members.”

The trio will be promoting in Japan, Thailand, and Singapore. They’ll be kicking off their endorsement activities with a new studio photoshoot on the 3rd for a natural skincare and toner line.

Even though Nicole and Seungyeon aren’t part of the promotion cycle, we do hope all 5 will make it for their album promotions some day.

We’ll update on their promotions as it comes, so watch out of it!

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