Jay Park back for Singapore Promotions

Probably the best break-dancer among K-Idols, Jay Park is set to return to Singapore to promote his album Take A Deeper Look with a showcase, brought in by Launch Group. Jay’s gotten pretty great success in Korea with his title song “Abandoned”, the hypnotic R&B number that gets fans going “Where did you go oh oh oh oh~”, and with his new polished look he’s indeed out to prove the world that being ‘abandoned’ may lead to the success of his career.

Earlier on Launch had a poll on their Facebook page to vote for the fans’ most wanted artist in Singapore with SHINee and Jay Park as the top 2 choices – however SHINee fans are to be disappointed this time round, despite topping the poll with more than 1600 votes. No worries though, I’m sure the boys will be able to come again soon.

The following are details of Jay Park’s Showcase:

Date: 22nd July
Venue: Suntec Convention Center Hall 601 – 602

Ticket Sales

Tickets are set to go on sale on the 23rd June, with the official ticket distributor SISTIC – so no worries on queuing.

More details will be released on the 21st June so watch out for it!

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