It’s no FICTION – Beast Singapore Fanmeet in July!

Beast in Singapore last year

You know you’ve been waiting for this – Beast will return to our sunny island Singapore this July! (x)clusive released the news about a month back, and many of you have been wondering if it’s FICTION – well it’s a FACT that we’ll be seeing our favourite boys again!

Beast will be embarking on their Asia fanmeeting tour from July, and will stop in Singapore on 2nd July. They’ll most probably be promoting their new album FICTION and FACT. Here are some details:

Date: 2th July, 5PM
Venue: (confirmed) Max Pavillion, EXPO
Duration: approx. 100 minutes


Tickets at priced at:

– Cat 1: $158

  • 100 fans who purchase Cat 1 tickets will have a chance to attend an exclusive Hi-5 event after the FM/Mini concert via lucky draw by the organisers. Remember to look at the official photographers as you high-five with each member of Beast; these photos will be  posted on

– Cat 2: $128

– Cat 3: $88

Seating Plan

The 3 categories are differentiated by the view each tier of seats offers. For those who hopes to be able to receive a special package (that consists of confirmed good seats and extra freebies), please email to for more info.

There is in total 4200 tickets going on sale, and each person is allowed to purchase a maximum of 4 tickets.

Tickets will go on sale on 31 May via all SISTIC outlets, online ( and hotline. Overseas fans can purchase their tickets via SISTIC too (for those who asked).


Yoseob: "We're gonna have a BASH for you!" Doojoon: "What?!?"

Beast will be performing at least 8 songs. Throughout the fanmeeting, random fans in the audience will be selected to play games with Beast, and Beast will also be having interaction or Q&A session with the fans.

The organiser Creator’s Productions is ready to listen to the feedback from you guys, and guess what! Due to popular demand, we’ll be celebrating leader Doojoon’s birthday during the event too!

From the press release:

The stage production is a work of ingenious design, which includes hydraulic platforms to surprise audiences, LED screens, and pyrotechnic that will offer amazing display of firework during the performance. Some of the stage sets are specially brought in from Seoul-Korea, and carefully put together by Creator’s Production.

Production Consultant of Creator’s Production says “The fan meeting production is akin to a full scale concert. It offers more than just concert experience but also quality time to create rapport between fans and their idols.”

Sounds like a great show not to be missed!


Here’s the list of the merchandise that will be sold and the prices! Click to enlarge the picture.


Other Information

There will be a counter set up outside the venue to collect gifts from fans. Fans need to indicate clearly and properly who shall be the recipient of their gifts, and the organiser will hand it over to the artistes personally. Official Beast merchandise will also be on sale at the venue.

Dance Competition

Please refer to Bling Entertainment’s FB note here.

Deadline of submission of entries: 20 June 2011 23:59

What do you get if you win?

1. Chances to be on stage with Beast

2. Beast merchandise

Who will determine your win?

1. Management team in Bling Entertainment, Creator ‘s Production and Beast artiste management team

2. Management team will  judge each submission based on dance content, dance execution and dance styles.

What’s to come

(x)clusive is really proud to be able to work with Creator’s Production for the upcoming events, so we’ll bring in the latest news and updates about your favourite artists’ events in Singapore. Also, be ready to look out for Straits Times Life! section on Friday… Someone’s going to grace the pages!

Let us know any comments and suggestions about the events too, and post your ideas here and at the organiser’s Facebook page. Stay tuned! :)


  1. so when are they coming to singapore?
    and what time is their flight?

  2. Is it a concert/fanmeet? I hope not. I hope it doesn’t stretch late into the night.. My parents don’t allow :(

  3. UMM I WANT !!!!

  4. is tis fanmeeting or concert??

  5. Do they have a picture of the seating ???? D:

  6. I accidentally bought extra tickets. GOOD seats. contact me at :)

  7. Me too with the tickets, Sistic confused me~!
    Well I have one spare ticket, good seat with original price, email me at :)

  8. will beast be just here for the concert ? then they will leave ?

  9. might be selling a pair of vip tickets, email me at if interested! Also,buying 2 vvip tickets or B3/B4 seats

  10. hi b2utys:) no longer selling tickets..

  11. hi,
    anyone selling tickets?

  12. Hello, I’m interested to get a pair of Cat 1 A tickets. Anyone selling? Only front row A wanted.
    Contact me @ if you have what I’m looking for. Thanks! :)

  13. Hi,
    Im interested in getting a pair of Cat 1 tickets. Is anyone selling them?

  14. I think its so expensive as compared to their previous arrival here.. Previously, we only paid $25 and we get to meet them up-close for a fansigning event, not only that, we get to go home not empty-handed, but with an autographed album to be kept as a memory.. previously, the tickets are sold separately as in fansigning, hi-5 and mini concert/showcase. In total, its less than $100 to have a chance to watch the boys perform, meet the boys and get our albums autographed. As for this, only those who bought Cat1 ($158) tickets could stand a chance to meet them.. and its only for 100 lucky fans who won in a lucky draw. I feel that its quite unfair.. I want to meet my idols and I think other B2uties want to meet them too.. perhaps open another category or add a fansigning in one of the categories. Its just my suggestion :)

  15. Anyone selling 2 Ticket for CAT 1?
    PLS E-MAIL ME!!!
    Thank you!

  16. Anyone selling cat one tickets ? I nid 2 . i hope to get at least A3-A5 , but price below 00 if possible ? tight flow with money . Please reply asap to

  17. Anybody selling cat 1 tickets below $100 hpoefully? I need a pair. I’m really interested in getting cat 1 tickets, if you are selling it please inform me as soon as possible! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    Email me @

    Thankyou!! Really appreciated! (:

  18. Anybody selling cat 3 ticket ? i need 1 ticket only .. email me at

  19. i wanna 2 cat 1 tickets also..if possible pls sell me A seat tickets..tks
    email me at or can contact : 81269524

  20. Can you tell me how many tickets are left for each catogary?

  21. hey! anyone selling a pair of ticket CAT 1 pls msg me at 92747766

  22. any idea what b2st merchandise they will be selling?
    will they be selling b2st official lightstick,etc?
    hopefully it’s not too exp :(

  23. selling 2 pairs of cat 1 tixs. A1 row 2 seat 11 & 12 and B2 row 11 seat 7 & 8. pm me on fb or mention me on twitter @Jniceyy if u can pay up immed. ty

  24. text me at 91453359 for fast replys. SINCERE BUYERS ONLY. ty

  25. left with the B2 row 11 seat 7 & 8 tixs!
    selling a pair at $325 inclusive of sistic charges.
    respond ONLY IF u’re able to pay immed. ty

  26. Who is selling cat one tickets?!!! As close to the stage as possible! If there us email me at ASAP! thanks (:

  27. tixs all sold out to 4 awesome girls! :))

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  30. looking for a pair of cat 1 tickets . contact me if you are selling [9810 3632]

  31. anyone selling tickets?? for cat 1? pls…email me @

  32. anyone wants to go with me for the b2st fanmeet? ):

  33. interested in buying b3 row 5 1 ticket only or above row 1-4 it okay too.
    email me thanks!!!~

  34. ANYONE SELLING VIP TIX? If anyone is selling, PLEASE CONTACT ME!

  35. hey,

    if u have an a3 or a4 tix, (1 or 2 tixs) contact me!

  36. Hi, int in buying cat3 ticket. One only. contact me thru 90308091, Sell to me! Dx

  37. Anyone what time is their flight n their flight no . ? so when are they coming to singapore?

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  39. anyong selling tickets? want 2 tickets here..pls contact me at 81269524 if u have..tks

  40. do you know the flight details? if yes, please update us! thank you <3

  41. anybody selling tickets for their fan meeting ? if yes, how much?

  42. +ya anybody also know when they arriving in sing? what’s their flight and arrival time? if know,pls let me know,thank you..

  43. umm..lasst minute begging for a reply what time are they arriving or i have to the whole night!!! No MRT tough to go home so reply me soon by twitter @helloimhea

  44. Anyone selling 2 CatA tickets?
    Preferably together.
    Text at 91519212 and tks in advance!

  45. Buying one cat 3 ticket.
    Sms me at 97799658 😀

  46. Does anyone selling TWO cheap tickets??

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  51. any interested buyers? for cat 1, B4 Row 8 seat 12. email me at or 91077181.

  52. Hi! Buying beast fanmeet ticket for a friend.

    – Cat 3
    – D2
    – Front row
    – her budget is $50

    Please tweet me @Sunnie_04 or email me^^
    If there is anyone selling~~ please please help my friend~~ she really want to go~~
    Thank You!^^

  53. anyone selling CAT 3 tickets ? a pair ? cheap ??? text me at 96539261

  54. Does anyone know what time they reaching in singapore what is the departure gate and the flight no. ??? i nid a immediately ans now. cos i want to rush thr now.

    text me at 92998132 or mention me @stnhaqima at twitter.
    below $100.

    or if CAT3, below $80.


  56. Hi! Selling one cat 1 ticket: section a1 row 2 seat 4 at original price (but including sistic charges) @ $162~

  57. Sorry does anybody know what time their departure is and where’re they leaving to?

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