FEATURE Preview: Riding the 3rd Wave

Guest Writer: XZ

Korean Christian ministry has a new front. 3rd Wave Music is a music group consisting primarily of artists Johnny Lee and Brian Joo. Their mission is to be exactly what they were named for: the third wave of ministry that will sing the word of Christ across the world. They’ve collaborated with many other talents such as the famous superstars Choi Siwon (Super Junior) and Vanness Wu.

KISS-MEs of Alexander Eusebio, watch out. Even though he’s left U-KISS, you can still listen to his music; as of the 13th of March, Xander has been declared to be working with 3rd Wave Music on their new projects. Just today (23 March), 3rd Wave has announced that Xander will be involved in the recording of a new remixed version of “Looking for the Day”, previously sung by Brian Joo and Johnny.

Currently, 3rd Wave is putting together a tour schedule, as well as working on their next album. Their latest non-musical project is Lent, the Christian season where you give up or abstain from something material. From now until Easter, they will each be giving up one thing for their Easter fast. Whether it’s your phone, your social networking account, the internet, junk food, or your favourite toy, they invite everyone to join them.

If you’d like to hear the songs yourself, you can order the CDs from the online store at their official website here: http://3rdwavemusic.org. We’ll have more about 3rd Wave coming up, so watch out for us!

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