(x)clusive!: Super Vitamins In Singapore (SS3)

It’s definitely not wrong to call the 10-men Super Junior vitamins to concert-goers to their solo concert, Super Show 3, which just ended its two-day show last evening. Boasting its super-quick ticket sales of being sold out in one and a half hours, Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun brought the stadium roof down with great energy, fun spirit and together with the great stage setup, it was indeed a Super Show.

An Imp7ctful start

This was definitely a first for Korean event press conferences to start via a performance by fans. F&N, the well-known drink company, hosted an online dance competition “F&N Super Junior Dance Challenge“, which received 30 over submissions that was graded by their “accuracy, creativity/style, presentation and co-ordination”. Voting is also a scoring factor, and all in all, IMP7CT, a group of seven youths, emerged as the winner. Catch their video submission here:

Thankful organisers

Before the press conference officially started, Ms Beatrice Chia-Richmond, Creative Director of concert organiser Running Into The Sun (RITS), gave an earnest speech to thank all the organisers that helped out, regarding them as “an extraordinary bunch of people” who helped RITS out throughout the whole planning. For not claiming all the Super glory for themselves, + points!

Gold Super Men

Cheers rang the room as the protagonists stepped up onstage. “우리 슈파주니어예요! (We are Super Junior!)” as they introduced themselves, all 10-men were clad in golden-white outfits; some smiling, some with a little fatigue on their faces.

Impressions of Singapore and the difference compared to other countries?

Representing the group, Leader Leeteuk said, “We’re honoured to perform for all the fans. We’re really happy for the warm support by the fans here and wish to be able to come back and perform again.” And Siwon replied that there wasn’t a big difference in terms of the fans’  love and support; in fact it was overwhelming. The biggest difference for them was probably the weather.

Power server needed for ticket sales

So how did they feel about the one-and-a-half hour Super fast ticketing sales? Not fast enough for their standards, apparently.  “We want to thank all the fans but hope that it’ll be sold out in half an hour next time!” replied Eunhyuk cheekily.

Supa Dupa Diva

What inspired Heechul to impersonate SNSD and f(x) in Super Show 2 and now Lady Gaga? Without waiting for a translation Heechul immediately said, “OK OK. I’m Lady OK. I am Genius.” Everyone in the room laughed though the some of the boys themselves didn’t catch what he said. (Seems like Space BigStar Heechul’s English is pretty good after all) Anyway he continued, “After showing a girly side with SNSD and f(x) images I decided to go for a stronger and more impactful image for Super Show 3, so I also got Eunhyuk, Donghae and Shindong to act as Beyonce, and as expected, it worked for our fans, who loved it.”

If you were there to watch them perform, you would catch the boys donned in short skirts and high heels, running around onstage. Even some girls can’t do that, but it seems to be easier for the boys due to the “training” with wearing insoles in their shoes. Leeteuk said, “Insoles are like our high heels so since we often wear them, we kind of grew used to that.”

“If our fans are fine, we’ll always be fine.”

A reporter wanted to ask about the accident some Super Junior members met with on the day of arrival, but her mic suddenly malfunctioned. Leeteuk, just like Siwon at their previous press conference in Singapore, immediately rushed straight to her to offer his mic and listen to her question. Heechul caught on the gentlemanliness: (Q: Are you guys feeling okay?) “If our fans are fine, I’ll always be fine.” And Leeteuk rounded it up with, “In future due to security reasons, we hope fans will be mindful of their safety and be careful.”

The press conference ended quickly with a brief thank you and Shindong, Donghae, Eunhyuk and Sungmin dancing to the background music.

Super Show 3

Super Show 3 Stage Setup

Day-2 of Super Show 3 concert started at nearly 4.30PM and it was indeed a blast for those who attended the concert, being constantly entertained by the 10 men who could cover every part of the stadium, and showcased great dance moves and soulful singing.

The 3 hour show was filled with surprises, like guest appearance by duet band TRAX’s Jungmo (electric guitar), who performed Super Junior’s Don’t Don with Super Junior M’s Henry (violin), Zhou Mi (vocals) and lastly Heechul on the drums.

It was an interesting sight especially when Heechul turned up with a huge button on his head, dressed in black dress and long blonde Lady Gaga hair, while Eunhyuk Shindong and Donghae turned up in black tight dresses, doing twists and skips even better than many girls on heels. They performed Poker Face, All The Single Ladies and Crazy In Love.

The thousand-strong audience however was a tad less energetic as the calls for encore were not that convincing, and while the awaited huge response never came, the 10 boys came back onstage in cute vegetable outfits for their encore segment, Cooking? Cooking!, followed by Way For Love, You are the One and finally, Wonder Boy.

Singapore fans who missed this Super Show should have, and will have a second (or actually third) chance. Super Show 3’s next tour stop will be at Putra Indoor Stadium in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on the 19 March 2011. For more ticketing details, please refer to RITS’ Facebook page.

The Blue sea


Additional note for those who may not know:

Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Heechul met with a minor car accident on the night of their arrival on the 28th of February, when reportedly (from The New Paper) an unidentified car in front of the stars’ van braked suddenly, causing their vehicle to bump the front car followed by all the vans (with the fans) surrounding the van to bump into one another. It was a 7-car accident but other than dents and not so serious crash damage to some bumpers, no one was hurt.

However this was enough to trigger bad memories from a serious car accident Super Junior met with a few years ago in Korea, thus leeteuk and Heechul tweeted after:

Leeteuk: “Here in Singapore.. Looks like a very beautiful place..^^ It’s okay to follow us.. But be careful… 7 cars rear-ending accident.. I almost got killed…ㅠㅠ”

Heechul: “Now now if you want to see us, then come to the stadium. Everyone’s in danger. I prefer not to have old memories coming back to me again~”

– translations by Twelfs

Well as both of them said in the press conference, they are fine, so fans, just be more careful, keep a safe distance in future.

Thanks to Running Into The Sun and all the best to Super Show 3 in Malaysia!

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