[KTO] Star Struck Korea – It’s all about celebrities!

The year 2010 is the year that a big year that many K-poppers in Singapore will remember. Just 2010 alone, a handful of Korean pop idols have dissented in our sunny island. It is evident that the Hallyu Wave is big in Singapore, with a handful of major Kpop concerts that Singaporeans K-poppers get to enjoy like Kpop Night and MNet Ultimate.

Spearheading the craze in all things Hallyu are the Korean celebrities from Korean dramas to Korean popular music. Korea is the “Hollywood” of Asia if you are a fan of the Hallyu wave. For an avid Hallyu lover, no trip to Korea is complete without buying celebrity endorsed merchandise, celebrity sightings or checking out celebrities hang out places.

(x)clusive is delighted to present you with the special Star Struck Korea edition which is a guide for you to go celebrity spotting when you are holidaying in Seoul. We hope this guide can bring you 1 step closer to your favorite Korean celebrity.

Star Struck Korea Edition:

1.       Every Sing

2.       Super Junior Kiss the Radio

3.       Coficoa Bubble Tea

4.       Star Avenue

** Bonus – Bumping into Red Soul

If you are visiting Korea and would like some ideas on where to visit, please do check out this link to get some inspiration.

Many thanks to KTO Singapore for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and to experience the Korean culture.

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