[KTO] Red Soul

While shopping in the streets of Myeongdong on 12 Dec 2010. I was lucky enough to come across a performance by Korean A’capella band – Red Soul right in front of Noon Square mall.

Red Soul made their debut on 8th Feb 2010 with the release of their first mini-album “Color is Red” with the title track Walk Back. The group first appeared on an episode on SBS Star King in May 2009 to showcase their a’capella skills.

Watching the boys performed in the cold weather, really impressed me. They harmonize well as a group and knew how to work the crowd. The group performed well despite the cold weather. Before their performance, I even spotted the members putting heat packs in their pockets and jackets.

Well done guys, I’m really impressed by your professionalism! For those keen on finding out more about Red Soul, you can check out their videos on Red Soul’s YouTube channel.

Here’s wishing the guys of Red Soul success and one day be more recognizable in the Korean music industry.

Once again, many thanks to KTO Singapore for making this Korea Winter Trip possible.

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