[KTO] Cofioca Bubble Tea

Apgujeong is one of the shopping districts in Seoul. When you are tired from all that shopping, look for the bubble tea shop called Cofioca located in Apgujeong . It is the place to be if you want to try your luck into bumping into one of your Kpop celebrity. This little bubble tea joint it recommended by a fellow Singapore blogger, Sarah who was also invited on this winter trip to Korea by KTO Singapore.

I didn’t get to bump into any celebrity during my short stay there. However, just being in the bubble tea shop is an inspiration. Plastered all over the walls of the shops are autographs from various members of Kpop groups from groups like Kara, Rainbow, Girls’ Generation, U-Kiss, Super Junior, SHINee and many more.

During our short stay in the bubble tea shop, we spoke with the ahjumma who runs the shop. She mentioned that she doesn’t really recognize most of the idols so I got a feeling there might be more celebrities that visited this joint than the autographs that are plastered all over the wall.

When asked on which are her fave idol, the ahjumma mentioned that one of her faves is Girls’ Generation.  For all you Kiss Mes out there, the ahjumma did bring up that the boys of U-Kiss are really nice and friendly people.

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  • January 7, 2014 at 11:57 PM

    Sorry do you have any address or direction to this place? 🙂


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