Comebacks and Debuts! [January 2011]

New Year, a new start, new albums, new concepts = Comebacks and Debuts!

Who’s excited, Hands up! (Me raises XP)

At just the start of the year, January is packed with comebacks and debut stages. We’ll gather all the Hot Comebacks and Fresh Debuts in a list just for you (x)clusive readers!! (:


The Guys: TVXQ, JYJ, Seung Ri (Big Bang), MBLAQ, Infinite, Teen Top

The Girls: Brown Eyed Girls , JOO, Secret, G.NA


Sweet Shabet (달 샤벳), Piggy Dolls, Coin Jackson.


TVXQ – 7 January

The most anticipated group to make comeback after their dispute, TVXQ. Yunho and Changmin are back with 왜(Why)/Keep Your Head Down. Their album is just release today! Give it a listen via allkpop! They are set to comeback on KBS 2TV Music Bank on 7 January and on MBC Show! Music Core on 8 January.

왜(Why)/Keep Your Head Down Music Video

JYJ – Coming soon…

TVXQ also, or rather now they are known as JYJ is also coming back this month! They have already release the audio preview of the 6 tracks of their 1st Korean album: JYJ Their Rooms: Music Essay; the actual date of full release is still unconfirmed. This album is said to be in the form of a photo essay which contains Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu’s handwritten messages to thank their fans.


01. Mission
02. Nine
03. Puppet
04. Fallen leaves
05. ID.S
06. Nameless Music Part 1.

Check it out!

Big Bang, Seung ri – 13 January

Big Bang is coming back too, like finally! But that’s next month, this month their magnae, Seung Ri is releasing his mini album instead of a digital single! It revealed by the man himself on his me2day asking fans to:

승리의 마음의문을 열어보세요 ^^ SEUNGRI 1st minialbum 곧 여러분손에 쥐어집니다

Translation: “Please open the door of your heart for Seungri ^^ SEUNGRI 1st mini album will soon be in your hands”


01. VVIP
02. What Do You Want Me To Do
03. Open the Window [feat. G-Dragon]
05. I Know [feat. IU]
06. White Love
07. Outro (In My World)

Seung ri’s 1st Mini Album, VVIP is expected to be released on 13th Jan. Seungri’s teaser is going to be released on 13 January and the music videos is releasing on 20 January. Well guys, have you open your door already?

MBLAQ – 13 January

CRY Music Video

video from jt camp official youtube channel: jtunecamp @youtube

MBLAQ’s 1st Album BLAQ-List  Their full length album will be out on 10th Jan. And also, their first stage will be on 13th Jan,so stay tuned to (x)clusive for the quickest updates!

MBLAQ 1st Album BLAQ-List: CRY


01. Sad Memories (Intro) – Melody by Seungho
02. STAY (**Title Track**)
03. Cry
04. Darling / 그대여
05. Throw Away / 버린다
06. Rust / 녹
07. Tonight
08. Wish You Hadn’t / 이러지 않았으면해
09. You’re my + – lyrics by Mir
10. Rolling U
11. Oh Yeah(C-Luv & Blue Magic Remix)
12. Y (JR GROOVE Remix)
13. Different Beginning / 또 다른시작 (Outro)

source: allkpop

STAY’s Teaser!

Version 1

Version 2

Infinite – 7 January

a href=””>

Hyping everyone up with a teaser that looks like a snippet out of a Hollywood blockbuster fighting scene, Infinite got us all hyped and pumped up for their Comeback! Their Before the Dawn teaser featuring a fighting scene between L and Woohyun have been released, check them out! Also their audio teaser which feature 15s of each track is released too, check it out! Lastly, one of the tracks, a ballad! Voice of my Heart is released earlier today too. Check this out!

Infinite has made their comeback on Music Bank and Music Core on 7 January and 8 January! Korea

Audio Teaser

Full Music Video

Teen Top – Coming soon…

Gah! Robots! Eh, no is cute robots, NO is cute guy robots, EH its cute guys with silver wigs! It’s Teen Top! The talented youngsters got the whole country talking bout their newest silver hairstyle. Their 2nd Single Album, Transform, is expected to be released on 13th Jan, 3 teasers will be revealed on the 5th, 7th and 9th Jan. Due to main vocal Niel’s knee injury their first comeback broadcast is pushed to 13th January. Look out for cute robots—oh I mean more Teen Top on (x)clusive!

Fianl Teaser

Brown Eyed Girls – Coming soon…

After sweeping the Kpop scene with their highly addictive song and dance Abracadabra, it’s been revealed by their management company, Nega Network that Brown Eyed Girls is making a comeback this January with their 4th album. Recently, the group’s resident rapper, Miryo tweeted something about their upcoming 4th album:


Translation: 4th Album recording!!

Up till now no other further details about their 4th album have been released yet, we’ll update this space once more details is released!

JOO – 7 January

Joo who charm us all with her smooth and sweet vocals few years back with her debut track, Because of a Man is coming back with her latest mini album Heart Made, her title track Bad Man music video featuring 2PM’s Chansung is out. It tells the story of the sweet past memories between them and now Joo has come to find the “Bad Man” Chansung with a — Bubble gun? Check it out yourself!

JOO 나쁜 남자

 video from jyp official channel for Joo joojype@youtube

Secret – 7 January

With hit tracks such as I Want You Back, Magic and Madonna, fans have been eagerly awaiting Secret’s comeback. Yes, Secret is coming back! With their retro concepts for Shy Boy, check out the released music video! Their single was released online 6th Jan!

Shy Boy Teaser That “boy” sure ain’t shy XP

Full Music Video

G.NA – Coming soon…

The last singer who is making a comeback in January as well, G.NA!

With the success of G.NA’s debut song, “I’ll back off so you can live well” she is soon to be back with an official album!

Check out the message from Hongcube, Cube Entertainment CEO. (It’s translated from Korean)

From now on, we know that you will shout in an even more feverous voice which never changes, as CUBE’s sons and daughters will have a joyful start in starting 2011.

In the mysterious year of CUBE, the first up is G.NA.

In success of G.NA’s debut song “I’ll Back Off So You Can Live,” we have awesome songs next as it is in its last stage preparation before being released. G.NA’s beautiful songs which will soon ring in the ears of many as the CUBE family will not hold back in sending their applause for her.

[Latest updated statement from Cube Ent Representative]

Cube Entertainment’s representative spoke with TV Report on January 5th and revealed, “G.NA will be releasing her first official album by the third week of January, or the fourth by the latest.”

2AM’s Jinwoon will also be featured in G.NA’s new music video, a continuation to Beast’s Doojoon’s appearance in her debut track.

G.NA will be releasing her first official album on 18 January.


Sweet Shabet – 7 January

Sweet Shabet, the girl group that has the highest anticipation for their debut. They are the brainchild of hit-producer E-TRIBE, a 6 member girl group; they are all highly trained in singing and dancing and the members themselves revealed that they have been training since very young. As E-TRIBE is the composer of many hit songs such as Gee, T-ara’s Yayaya, many are anticipating what this group will bring. Sweet Shabet will Check out their full MV for their song, Supa Dupa Diva

Supa Dupa Diva

Sweet Shabet debuted on Music Bank, check out their amazing performance!

Piggy Dolls – 7 January

This year we welcome a flood of new girl groups, each of them equally amazing and worth anticipating. This group, with their unique name, Piggy Dolls, is already garnering a lot of interest due to the fact that they are not the normal skinny sized girls we see. They nicknamed themselves Super Heavy-weight idols, Yes they are plus sized but they have superb vocals and are not afraid to show it. Check out their music video, the girls have officially comeback on 7th Jan Music bank with their first mini album, Trend.

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