[KTO] Samgyetang

Samgyetang or Ginseng Chicken Soup is one of Korea’s famous food. Samgyetang is famous during the summer season as a energizing food for natives and is popular among foreigners visiting Korea.

Samgyetang is specially good for those who perspire easily and have weak digestive organs. However, it is just as good to have Samgyetang on a cold Winter day in Korea as well as it will help boosts body temperature. Common ingredients of Samgyetang includes a whole chicken that is boiled in a broth with Korean ginseng, dried red dates, garlic, ginger and glutinous rice.

While making our trip back to Seoul, we were brought to a Samgyetang eating place for lunch. Apparently the shop is pretty famous as I spotted some artist’s autograph on the wall.

It was a good feeling to drink the Ginseng Chicken Soup on a cold wintery afternoon as it really warms the body. We were also served a kimchi version of Ginseng which was the first time that I had those. (Refer to the last photo below) It is really a unique taste and the Ginseng taste wasn’t that strong as it blends well with the chili used in making this Ginseng Kimchi.

Just a note, apparently when eating Samgyetang, you are not supposed to eat the red dates that is in it, as the purpose of the red dates is to absorb the “toxic”. Oh well, guess someone told me this information a little too late as I ate the sweet little red date that was in my soup.

For those who are keen on trying to do a home-cooked version of Samgyetang, please refer to this website.

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