[KTO] N Seoul Tower

N Seoul Tower is one of Seoul’s famous landmarks.  N Seoul Tower which is a communication and observation tower located in Mt. Namsan.  Built in 1969, and opened to the public in 1980, the tower has been a symbol of Seoul and measures 237 meters in height.

Going up to the observatory deck of N Seoul Tower, you’ll be treated to a magnificent 360 degrees view of the skyline of the Seoul city. Be sure to pick a clear day to go up so that you can have a clearer and better view of the city. On the day that I was at N Seoul Tower, there was a mini martial arts performance in front of the pavilion at N Seoul Tower.

Here’s a little plus if you are heading to N Seoul Tower with your love ones, you can choose to bring or buy a lock and lock it at the fence of the tower. Using the lock, you can lock your memories with your significant other by writing messages on the lock and lock it at the fence of N Seoul Tower. Many celebrities like SHINee and Super Junior have also been filmed going up to the Tower and locking their friendships there.

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