[KTO] JUMP Performance

Besides New York and Paris, Seoul has its own fair share of top rated performance. Even though you don’t know the Korean language you can still get to enjoy watching one of the few non-verbal performances.

One such performance is JUMP the Comic Martial Arts Performance. JUMP the Comic Martial Arts Performance have been shown around the world from the theaters of London, Japan, Broadway to our very own Singapore Esplanade.

JUMP is the first non-verbal performance to infuse blend Korean fighting arts of Tae-kwon-do with Tae-Kyun, other Asian martial arts and acrobatics with a compelling and hilarious narrative.

JUMP centers around a typical Korean family from an autocratic head of the household – the grandfather, to a drunken uncle, a tae kwon do expert mother to the awkward potential son-in-law. Each member of the family is a martial arts expert and loves to compete their martial arts skills among themselves. The plot thickens when two burglars break into the family home in the middle of the night and a mighty battle takes place when the family discovers the intruders.

The performance runs for 80 minutes and you can be sure that these 80 minutes, you will be entertained from the very start of the show. The performance also involves audience participation where the lucky audience chose to be part of the performance will walk away with a poster.

Please do note that photography is prohibited in the theater. All photos published are courtesy of the management of JUMP.

After the performance, there was a short 10 minute autograph session with the cast of the show where I manage to get the casts to autograph my JUMP file.

History of JUMP

The concept of the show was first conceived in October 1999. The 6th scenario of the show “Crazy Family” was written in March 2001. Eight months later, the team started their acrobatics training under the guidance of Oak Soo Chung, the Women’s National Gymnastics team coach. In August 2002, the non-verbal performance “Crazy Family” was previewed and the team was invited to perform at the Kyushu Festival in Japan. During the same year, the team premiered at the National Theater of Seoul. In April 2003, the show was renamed JUMP and performed at various theaters in Seoul.

From 2005 onwards, the show toured internationally to festivals and venues. JUMP also managed to clinch a few awards. JUMP won the ‘Comedy Award’ at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2006, ‘Grand Prize for Drama and Musical’ by the Korean National Assembly and is also featured in ‘The Royal Variety Performance’ shown on BBC TV in December 2006.

Directions to JUMP

If you are keen in watching a jump performance, JUMP is located at Cinecore building.You can easily get their by both the subway or by taking the bus. For more information about JUMP, do visit their website.

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