[KTO] High 1 Resort

Located about 4 hours drive away from the city Seoul, is the newly opened ski resort – High 1 Resort. High 1 Resort is located in the Gangwon-do Province and is part of the award winning Kangwon Land Family Resort complex.

There are many activities that you can participate in at High 1 Resort. High 1 Resorts offers skiing and snowboarding lessons, a mini cinema, casino and fabulous dining opportunities.

No matter your skill of skiing or snowboarding, High 1 Resort offers slopes with 18 sides and 21km of the total length starting from the Baekwoon Mountain (at 1,367m). The slope provides approximately 680m of the altitude difference.  Of the 18 slopes that High 1 offers, 5 are for beginners, 3 for intermediates and 10 slopes for the advance skiers and snowboarders. Therefore, no matter the level of proficiency you are at for skiing and snowboarding, you’ll be glad to know that you will be able to ski down the slopes of High 1.

For the beginners who have no experience in skiing and snowboarding, there are lessons provided on site for you to learn the basics of skiing. Do check out more of their fees and rental rates at High 1’s website.

However, if you are not up for some skiing, you can ride the gondola up to Mountain Top. Over there, you’ll be treated to a magnificent view of the resort landscape. If you like a little luxury, head to the revolving restaurant where you can enjoy a meal and be treated to the beautiful scenery at High 1 resort all at the same time.

High 1 Resort also offers various facilities. You can watch a movie in the indoor cinemas, try your luck at the casino or chill out at one of High 1 Resorts cafes. During my free time, both Sarah, a fellow Singaporean blogger who was also invited on this trip and I went to chill at the cafe. At the café, we indulged ourselves with a delicious set of sinful cakes.  After having the cakes, we also checked out the casino, the casino is pretty packed that day with many people at the slot machines. Just a note, you are not allowed to take photos in the casino, any cameras brought in will be sealed in a bag. Also, be sure to equip yourself with basic conversational Korean as the staffs there were not really well versed in English.

Located near the High 1 Resort is the traditional restaurant Unamjeong. Unamjeong Restaurant is the film site for one of Korean’s drama – Siggaek (Gourmet). If you are High 1 Resort, I recommend you to visit the Unamjeong Restaurant. Walking through the doors of Unamjeong, you will feel like you are being transported back into olden Korean times by the sight of the old architecture of Unamjeong restaurant adding to that the landscape of Unamjeong is really beautiful. At Unamjeong, I was treated to a wonderful Bibimbap dinner where fine dining meets a little of the Korean culture.

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