[KTO] Everland

Nicknamed as South Korea’s Disneyland, Everland is opened in 1976 and is South Korea’s largest theme park. It is ranked as the 4th theme park in the world by offering 5 main Festivals and exciting entertainments all year around. Everland is located in Gyeonggi-do Province that is about 2 hours drive from the city Seoul. Along with its main attractions, Everland also includes a zoo and a water park known as Caribbean Bay.

Everland theme park offers five theme areas, namely American adventure, Aesop Village, Magic Land, European Village and Zoo-Topia.  It offers more than 30 kinds of attractions full of high thrilling and various fun.

One such attraction to go to is the T-Express. Debuted in 2006, it is South Korea’s first wooden roller coaster and it’s the 6th longest wooden roller coaster in the world. As of 2009, T-Express holds the world’s steepest roller coaster record at 77 degrees.

Everland is featured in various Korean variety shows. The famous tree in Everland is the backdrop to the outdoor performances of f(x) and BEAST in their music performance. Caribbean Bay is featured in episodes of We Got Married when Nichkhun took his family out for a family outing.

There are many parades available in Everland. One such parade is the Moonlight Parade. It’s a night parade where participants wear lighted costumes and lighted floats light up the night sky in Everland. However, be sure to check with the stuff if the other parades are going on when you are there as parades might be canceled due to bad weather.

For more information on the events happening in Everland, do check out their website.

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