Klub Party’s 1 Year Old! (ONEWAY)

The hottest Kpop-themed clubbing party is back for the new year, 2011! Klub Party is definitely not a unfamiliar name to local Kpoppers, especially those of clubbing age of 18. Headstarted on 9 Jan 2010 at DXO Club, Colored Rhythms have been constantly bringing a great night out for Kpoppers to party to the newest and hottest Kpop songs.

Personally I have been going to Klub Party since the first one, and it was a joy to be able to party all out with your favourite songs. For people like me who have been too into Kpop and aren’t that updated in English pop, or find clubbing uncomfortable and a chore, you’ll love Klub Party (if you haven’t been there before already!) The price is pretty affordable considering it being specifically Kpop, good club venues and drink provided. Even if you aren’t the dancing kind, you’ll still be bobbing to the strong beats and well, fanchants!

This time round though, Colored Rhythms are giving us a big surprise! In lieu with Klub Party’s first anniversary, we have Korean R&B group Oneway to join us in this event! Hmm, I’m not sure if they will be partying with us, but they’ll be performing some songs, like their newest “Rainy Days”, and will be interacting with some lucky fans out there.

Check out Oneway saying hi to Singapore and Klubbers!

Don’t know ONEWAY? Ah no you can’t be true right~ Anyway! Some tidbits on Oneway:

3-man group consisting of Chance, Youngsky and Peter, Oneway debutted earlier this year on March 6 with Magic:

All three of them knows English really well (as you can tell from the greeting video), and recently they just released their new song, Rainy Days. This ultrasupertalented group composes their own songs and work until dawn composing, recording and practising. Their R&B songs are not to be missed, like my personal favourite, Wrong Number:

And! Their new music video for Rainy Days (with Junsu of 2PM) will be out on 4th Jan. Be sure to let them know if you liked it or not when they’re here (minus the part about Junsu being hot). Can’t wait to watch them perform live! ;D

Well yeah, more details can be found on Colored Rhythms’ Facebook page. Tickets are now selling at an early bird price, all the way to 7 JAN! So get your tickets now. If you’re not of age yet… Don’t blame your parents~ Wait out for more Klub Parties in future – keep bugging Colored Rhythms for it! Cheers!

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