(x)clusive!: The Galaxy of super solo G.NA

Be it techie or not, you must have heard of the new Samsung product, the direct rival to Apple’s iPad – Samsung’s Galaxy Tab. Launched just last week on the 13th, the first 500 units were snatched up in a jiffy. Well, we wouldn’t be reporting if Korean super solo Choi Gina (G.Na) didn’t grace the launch party to promote Galaxy Tab herself!

In only two months Gina has been to Singapore twice, the previous time for her debut album ‘Draw G’s First Breath’ promotion, this time for an exclusive showcase for the launch of Galaxy Tab. Gina mentioned that she was very excited to be back in Singapore again, especially when she saw that there were so many Singaporeans who came to support her. The host of the night, Kui Jien, even helped the fans speak out their wish, “You can access Facebook and Twitter immediately after this to update your fans!”

Gina sang a total of 4 songs, from Supa Solo, Jo Jo’s Leave, Rumours (소문났어요) and definitely the highly anticipated debut track, I’ll Leave So You Can Live Better (꺼져 줄게 잘 살아), a great ear candy to all audience present.

A surprise was planned for the fans too; after finishing her performance indoors, she made an appearance outside the building to meet the fans! There was a slight drizzle but love from Gina’s fans were definitely not doused, as they cheered in the rain. Unlike the previous time, Gina did not cry, but she was as grateful for her fans she couldn’t stop smiling and waving to everyone until the end. “I really hope to be able to come back to Singapore again, thank you for your support and please watch out for my next album!”

I think Galaxy Tab…

I’ve tried the Galaxy Tab myself, and it’s light and pretty handy. I’m going to be brutally honest, it’s not my style to bring around a 7” device as a phone, but for people who likes laptop + mobile all in one, this is pretty good. It’s half the size of an iPad, but from some reviews online I hear it’s battery life is also lesser than iPad? Other than that, most of the usage is really similar to the iPad, even the apps look similar. But then again, I’m not an iPad user, so I can’t list out every difference there is.

I like how cute it looks though, it’s smaller frame (compared to iPad), and there’s even a 3MP camera on the back of Galaxy Tab; someone used it to snap a photo of G.Na during the performance. The screen and graphics quality are pretty legit too.

The biggest selling point for Galaxy Tab from my point of view is definitely the phone part of it – you can call/video call, you can take photos/videos with it and watch them nice and big on the 7” screen.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one, you should probably consider Galaxy Tab than an iPad.

For more information about Samsung Galaxy Tab, check out their official site here. Get it with a Singtel plan for promotion price. (With the Singtel plan, there’s also Singtel AMPed which you can download Se7en’s songs from to win tickets to his exclusive showcase!)

A big thanks to Singtel and Samsung for the event invite!

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