(x)clusive!: Bounce with Samsung se7en-inch Galaxy Tab

♫ Digital Bounce! Digital Sound! Digital X! Welcome to Digital World~! ♫

This song was absolutely apt to kick start Singtel’s FASHION MEETS MUSIC party in celebration of Samsung Galaxy Tab’s successful launch with Se7en amazing the crowd of screaming Lucky Se7ens with his spectacular live performances.

This was Se7en’s first time in Singapore for an official promotion and his response to his virgin visit was with respect to Singapore’s humid weather. He even commented that he didn’t know that Singapore was THIS HOT. I guess this was pretty much expected and totally not surprising at all since it is winter in Korea now (and practically snowing), which is evidently an obvious contrast to a temperate country like Singapore.

As a veteran in the Korean music industry, Se7en’s fan service was undoubtedly remarkable since he honestly knows how to make the crowd go crazy and wild with just simple actions of his – drinking of water and throwing the bottle to the fans, wiping his sweat and throwing the towel to the crowd and even going to the extreme ends of the stage so that every single Lucky Se7en could catch a glimpse of him. Yes, Se7en is that considerate and that thoughtful to all Lucky Se7ens!

That night, he performed a total of 5 songs – Digital Bounce, I’m Going Crazy, La La La (라라라), Better Together and Passion (열정).

I guess the part that touched many Lucky Se7ens the most would be the moment when he said that he was sorry for singing Korean songs because the fans in Singapore may not understand the lyrics and the meaning. He thus promised the next time if he ever gets the chance to come to Singapore again for an official promotion, he will sing American pop songs for them. He even mentioned that he will be back soon. Is that a subtle hint that he will have another event in Singapore in the near future? Official showcase? YG concert? Fanmeet? What are your guesses, SG Lucky se7ens?

Quoting from Se7en, Samsung Tab is “an awesome product and I really like it. It’s just crazy!”  Have you gotten your hands on this awesome product? It’s honestly not too late. ^^

A big thanks to Singtel and Samsung for the event invite!

P/s. Here’s the tab again…

And evidence that we tried it~

(And… Of course for those who knew what happened, we hope it doesn’t happen again! Thank you all for your help by tweeting back at the account to help us! ^^)

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  • January 3, 2011 at 6:47 AM

    I love se7en!!!! is so cute!!!


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