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(x)clusive 10/10 Event!
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Contest 0501 (Code: Contest 0501)
Prize: Poster

This is our very last contest for the week! Remember to take part in the other 6 contests, ALL CONTESTS END ON THE 16TH 2359!

Just tell us what you will like to see on (x)clusive?
Please answer in this format:

Code: Contest 0501

Site widgets:
Anything else:

Some suggestions…
Layout: (cute? stylish? plain? themed backgrounds of Kpop artists? etc)
Content: (Music reviews? Drama reviews? Food? Kpop news? New releases? K-Fashion? Original Graphics etc? More giveaways? Lyrics? Dance/song tutorial/cover? etc etc)
Site widgets: (Music player? Music Charts? Video player? Photo slideshows? etc)
Off-site: (Twitter stuff? Facebook uploads? Facebook events? Physical Kpop events? etc)

One best suggestion will be picked as the winner, so suggest away!

10 thoughts on “10/10 Event – Last Contest!

  • October 15, 2010 at 9:35 PM

    Code: Contest 0501

    Layout: Probably something plain and simple. Putting up artistes, fans may find you guys biased for missing out on any, so it would be better to be plain and simple. That’s my opinion though.

    Content: The current content is great right now! I’ll want to keep a look out for new releases in case I’ve missed them out. Lyrics would be good too, probably with English translation with Hangul too! Drama reviews would be good, but that probably has to take some time to watch the dramas. Korean food review would be great, like those local food blogs!

    Site widgets: Photo slideshow would be good. Polls every month/fortnightly? Music/video player would be good, but if possibly, no autoplay. It’s quite irritating.

    Off-site: More contests. Probably for the fun of it when there aren’t any news to update?

    Anything else: Recruit more photographers to help take photographs of our idols in Singapore! If you could, probably split up the sections of this site with sub-domain or something? I’m not sure if you would like to host your own WordPress site but if that’s workable, then sub-domains like http://style.x-clusive.sg/ for styling blog, then the main site will be the main blog. This will ensure the users get different content they want, but not asking you guys to add many, many sub-domains.

  • October 15, 2010 at 10:26 PM

    Code: Contest 0501

    Layout: Quite neat now. I like simplicity.
    Content: Quite ok. However, may have more news like more updated news like just happen then already on this website.
    Site widgets: If (A LOT of) videos and pictures and music (related to K-pop) can be added it is nice!
    Off-site: More contests! More giveaways!
    Anything else: Allow fans of this website to be able to have a chance to interview their korean idols who come to SIngapore. These interviews can be put up on this website to share after the interviews.

    I think this website is quite ok for now but still have room for improvement! Keep it up! 😀

  • October 15, 2010 at 10:38 PM

    Code: Contest 0501

    Layout: Kpop layout like the artist pictures. The top group for that month.
    Content: Kfashion reviews!!(e.g blogshop) New music . e.g like recommend songs to others. Upcoming kpop groups that is coming.(well you have done that) GIVEAWAYS( so singaporean) The group you like and why or the how you like kpop.(So that we can know you better)
    Site widgets: Top news or top music of that month.
    Off-site: Facebook updates or other blogs that we can go to.
    Anything else: You have done a great job so far. I’m like addicted to the blog already. Hwaiting!!

  • October 16, 2010 at 10:08 AM

    Contest 0501
    Layout: themed backgrounds of different kpop artists! :D(maybe using pictures you took from showcases/fanmeetings in sg?:D) can change once in a while like allkpop,then it’ll be fair to fans:))

    Content:update Kpop news faster?:) K-Fashion!(i would love to know where to get clothes that are the same as what my favourite idols are wearing! you could also try doing fashion reviews etc ,something like Soshified forum’s SoShiStyling. Also, maybe you could feature some good fanfics for fans to enjoy:D

    Site widgets: K- Music Charts! and polls & quizzes about our idols?:D

    Off-site: more contests and giveaways please:D

    Anything else: links to as many kpop artists’ forums as possible:D more convenient for fans:)

    thanks for all your effort in maintaining this website:) DAEBAK!

  • October 16, 2010 at 11:21 AM

    Code: Contest 0501

    Layout: I like the layoout now. I love purple too!
    Content: Can have more news.
    Site widgets: VideoS? SongS? PhotoS? K-pop GameS?
    Off-site: A LOT MOOOORE contests!
    Anything else: Allow some fans to become admin too!

  • October 16, 2010 at 11:25 AM

    Code: Contest 0501

    Layout: Ok for now. However, can put some K-pop groups banners like at the top, etc?
    Content: Yupp. MORE updated news!
    Site widgets: Frequent polls? Like can also have games for fans to accumulate points to exchange for sth?
    Anything else: Let me win some contests? LOL. Change the layout twice a year or…like more frequent? Just like Shaw keep changing the side pics with every updated movie?

  • October 16, 2010 at 12:06 PM

    Contest 0501

    1) Colourful background with artist for the week on it will be good! 😀
    2) Also show clearer links and page to post.
    3) Others are okay!

    1) Good and clear information!
    2) More updates will be better~
    3) contests are awesome! we can have some KPOP Idol costume contest!

    Site widgets:
    1) Have photos will be a good idea! May not be a slide show though. Can have a page for the pictures where they are categorize under different events. Volunteers can help with the photos.
    2) Music may not be recommended as some people don’t like to visit a page with music playing and they still need to find the off button from the music player.

    1) Facebook and twitter are good sources to promote the website! Not only that, for people who go to facebook frequently, they can get their updates easily.
    2) Find enough supporters in this web page and hard-cores ones can go out for a lunch or something like that. we can name the event as : ” 1 lunch 1 afternoon” (got the idea from “1 day 2 nights” hahaha!)

    Anything else:
    1) Can work with KTO and other webpage? It will be great by linking different website together and the Fans will be together as 1 !

  • October 16, 2010 at 11:07 PM

    Contest 0501

    – Honestly, I would prefer something simple like this layout. It is simple and easy to navigate and is direct and idiot-proof for everyone.
    – If you want to show that it is an (x)clusive website for anything remotely Korean, probably weekly headers will be good. And along with it could come like a special entry on them. If weekly is too taxing, monthly will be good too! =DD

    – Infomation are good and you still update whenever there are new infomation. Just wondering if it is possible to post post-events news faster? I know it’s a little too much to ask for, but since you girls are recruiting new members already, I hope they can ease your workload and be fast when updating! =DD (Because I always wonder what exciting stuff he artiste will say in press con and I always wait till my neck grows very long!! =X)
    – Other than that, everything is good. Good cause you even touched about the musical ‘Brothers were Brave’. You probably could include the Korean Movie Festival info too?! =DD Just a suggestion.

    Site widgets:
    – Song of the week? Like recommended song for the week and put the song in this website? Reasons for recommendation? But DO NOT make the player play automatically cause not everyone will like it. ^^
    – I like the idea of the slide show too. Would totally support this idea many many. You probably could do a slide show for each event and put it on rotation so that each time we visit, it will be a new slide show for a different event?

    – For Twitter, was wondering if Live Updates are possible. Like during events and press conference. I understand that (x)clusive do attend a lot of press conference, so it will be good if live updates are possible. =DD

    Anything else:
    – What about Guest Writers? You may not be able to cover every single event since you may not be free. Why not have some guest writers to help you whenever you can;t make it for the event. Means we write and send the article to you along with the photos. It is up to you to decide and edit and stuff. i guess this will benefit the readers as a whole? ^^
    – I randomly thought of un-boxing. We all own a lot of Korean Artiste album right? What about those limited/deluxe edition albums? Why not unbox them in step and share them. Not everyone is a fan for every artiste, so it will be a good platform to share what goodies you’ve got and this may tempt them into a new fandom too. Share is love right? i guess this is what such Kpop sharing website even exist? =DD

  • October 17, 2010 at 1:01 AM

    Code: Contest 0501

    Layout: I guessed have all kpops faces at your background? Woah! i think it’ll be real cool. It’s so amazing if i could do one.

    Content: More updates & have interesting icon added too! 🙂 interested icon attract peoples to click.

    Site widgets: I guess no need. Make it plain better, dont make it so complicate if not, it’s hard for us.

    Off-site: –
    Anything else: It’s great afterall. Thankq Exclusive. 🙂 I like it.

  • October 17, 2010 at 1:12 AM

    Thank you everyone for participating in (x)clusive’s 1st online event, 10/10!
    All contests have now ended and results will be out on the 18th Oct. Please check the MAIN CONTEST PAGE for results on the 18th!

    Stay (x)clusive!

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