Kings of Freedom Ft. U-Kiss



U-Kiss here for Vaunt 5!


This the last change and full confirmed details to U-Kiss’s events in November.

UKiss will be in Singapore for a FANMEET and CONCERT on 19th November, details as follows:

One) Fan Meet

Venue: IMM
Time: 12PM


You will get:

1. A U-KISS album which will be autographed by ONE random U-KISS member on that day itself
2. A chance to meet the U-KISS boys up-close and personal
3. A chance to win a special merchandise that each U-KISS member brought specially from Korea
4. A chance to see each U-KISS member display his talent on stage
5. A chance to win specially autographed posters of U-KISS
6. A chance to go on stage and play games with U-KISS
7. A chance to give your favourite U-KISS member a gift at a special gift collection counter
8. You will be entitled to the Fast Lane Priority Queue for the concert on 19th November 2010

Only 500 tickets for this event.

Two) Concert (I named it BR Concert)

Venue: Bedok Reservoir
Time: 8PM (Queuing starts at 6PM)

You’ll get:

1. A chance to listen to U-KISS showcase longer than ever shown in Singapore and Asia
2. A chance to watch them live on stage as they display their various talents
3. A chance to win specially autographed posters of U-KISS
4. A chance to give your favourite U-KISS member a gift at a special gift collection counter

U-Kiss will be performing 6 songs.

———-Ticket orders closed———-


We have a promotion together with SG K Orders! You are able to get U-Kiss’ Korean lightsticks at $20 over at SG K Orders. But, if you order your Concert tickets from us, you get a 20% discount and can get it at $15!

Just email us and indicate how many lightsticks (and which member’s) you will like to purchase, with your ticket order form. Those who have already ordered tix from us, just reply the same email.

I will do my best to keep you guys updated with the latest changes and updates, working under the organiser.


No. Name Concert Fanmeet
1 Munira Maricar 2 2
2 Siti Nurdiana 2
3 Siti Syazwani 4
4 Putri Dina Andyana 2
5 Nurhanisah 4
6 Joanne Tan 1 1
7 Ho Zhi Wei 2
8 Natalia A Kalengkongan 2 2
9 Judith 1 1
10 Hazel 1
11 Tenka 1 1
12 Yasmin 2
13 Jerline Low 1
14 Stephanie Low 3
15 Crystal Tan 3
16 Celest Lee WanYi 10
17 Ang Fung Yin 2 3
18 SHINeeFTI 7
19 Adeline Wong 3
20 Huang Xin Pei 2
21 Lya (jaejaebaby) 1
22 Nur Afiqah 2
23 Linda Tan 1 1
24 Hazwani 2
25 Nur Syafiqah 5

Updated on 3rd Nov, 10.30PM

If there’s any errors in the orders pleas let me know via email. Thank you! Will update you all with collection details by Monday.


  1. I WANT BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i also want beast is the b2st.. fighting

  3. shineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!♥

  4. Beast is the best!:D

  5. Hi may I know if either both dates are confirmed or can it can be later? My birthday falls on 26 nov T.T

  6. lols i dont know about the rest but, isnt taeminnie underaged himself?

    Btw, one vote for shineeeeeee

  7. i’m probably the only one who wishes this was 18 and above :/ since most of the people going for kpop night are under 18, the older kids didnt get a chance to get tickets.

  8. In the first place, why do they even have to choose a venue that’s only for 16 & above??

    • Exactly! I am below 16 and I find it so unfair? Lol might as well have a below 16 party instead!

      • LOL!
        think they mentioned quite clearly that cos it’s a club event…?
        not to be biased or anything, it’s only fair that those above 16 enter… 😀

  9. yes.. i’m hoping it’ll be 18 years and above !! >.<

  10. awesome news.
    but the link provided is for shawols to show support for shinee. is there any way for beauties to show support for beast as well?

    • Just reflect your choice in the email that you would like Beast. Just change the email title :) They’re handling both SHINee and Beast, even though the post is only for SHINee.

  11. So who will be the organiser for this event?

  12. Yeah! I agree with many! My first thought was “why can’t this be 18 years and above??” 😀

  13. I wan BEAST!.. hope BEAST will be e one comin.. pray hard… cant wait 2 club with dem.. xD…

  14. hi i would like to get tickets! About 3 of them. Where can i email to inform? Also, i vote beast! (:

  15. I VOTE BEAST! although i want shinee too omg!…. KEY? KIKWANG? HAHA KEY KWANG!!! <3

  16. I want shinee!!!!
    If it’s 18 and above, taemin himself would be underage ! LOL



  18. hey there!!!

    i am selling a standing pit a TICKET! if you are interested, do email me at😉 quote me a price with it;)


  19. I really hoping it is SHINee for this event =))

  20. Is it true they’re coming? If yes, I want Shinee! :)

  21. I cant go! ): 14 years old.

  22. Haha, I’m worse. I’m only 13! I stand absolutely no chance at all.. But, I vote for shinee still, though I wanna see B2ST again..

  23. club like party? NICE either one i’m fine :)

  24. no, it is not c onfirmed

  25. when will it be confirm whether shinee or beast?

  26. Hello 😀

    Omg, 16yrs old & above? I’m gonna be 16yrs old this december.
    Acceptable for myself to go, like since i’m not exactly 16 on november? :(
    Hahah . Gosh. I wanna go so badly (:

  27. But some other parties are like >14yr can go in just that no alcohol……..

  28. sam, who are you under?

  29. Hey I thought day 1 event is on 20th nov which means the day 2 event will be at a later date? I hope it will be after 26th.. D:

  30. Hey, is it possible to lower the age limit like to 15? Just that no alcohol is allowed? Cause i really die hard want to go for day 2 event. I missed all the events Beast had in sg? Please please, can you negotitate with the organiser? Thank You! (:

    • Same here . I agree with you . I’m gonna’ be 16 this december. & this is unfair. I’ve missed all the kpop artists events in SG. Since now i’m having holiday, i could go but the age limit .. :(

  31. so if we buy the monsters vs villians ticket, it only entitles us to priority queue for day one, but not day two?
    and does the meet and greet include photo-taking and fansign too?

    sry just weighing the pros and cons and seeing for which day should i go 😐

  32. Day 1 is same as day 2? I don’t quite understand the info lol. I hope Shinee comes. (:

  33. If BEAST/SHINee is coming, can the day 2 event be 13 years & above? Since secondary school starts at 13 years old. :/

  34. can day 2 not be clubbing? anyway taemin is like.. 16 this year :/

  35. Too bad no xiao mei mei

  36. if your can’t go for the k-pop night is just because you all don’t have the heart to overnight for them! at least we have. we can’t go for the clubbing is already sad for us and yet you all say is great?! you have been young before like our age before?! don’t you know how we feel.

    • first thing first,
      i myself am going for kpop night and i’m 18 this year,
      and “don’t have the heart to overnight for them” seems a bit offensive?
      many of us out there have their a levels to sit for,
      and may not be as free to ton.
      (well, i count myself lucky as i was having holidays and managed to get my cat1 tics:))
      but on a whole, this isn’t what we can decide for,
      it’s the orgainzers desicion ultimately.
      so argueing about 16/18 and above or no age limit at all seriously doesn’t and WON’T make a difference~ :)

  37. omo~ i’m interested in day 2! & for once thank god! 16 & above! no xiao mei mei! rmb the shinee event @ LOT 1??? =.=

    • yes, i remember:)
      how they got rough and started attempting to break open the doors of lot 1 and then complain about the unfair queueing system~ -.-

  38. Wth? Its not all xiao mei mei’s fault. Plus riot doesn’t mean you all are not at fault. Since you all are so mature, then stop yay-ing and being so rude.


  40. FYEAH 16 & Above! or Is it 18? Whichever is fine!

    No more high-pitched screaming kids, sorry no offence, i’m paying to hear them sing.

  41. )): what SHINee is not coming ?!

  42. When can I get the tix?

  43. how do i purchase the tix?

  44. i’m 15 years old… can i go to the event on day 2??

  45. So is the group confirmed already??? ^^

  46. OMGEEEE.
    OR UKISS ><

  47. Which part of 2NE1 looks like they would do a concert at Bedok Reservoir… And six songs for just $38 at that.

  48. Yea. BEAST IS THE B2ST! BEAST HWAITING! I hope i can go for the day2 also but sad im not above 16… :(

  49. BEAST OR SHINee are welcomed ^_^

  50. when is it again? As in which dates? :)

  51. which dates isit??

  52. 2NE1?? Isn’t Minzy too young lol!
    Bring them another time!!!!!!!!!!!!! juz not now..
    and for another event! becos MANY are like underaged for this clubbing thing :(

    the best is YG Family Tour in Singapore. <3<3<3<3

  53. U-kiSS please..
    the model on that fashion show is the Kpop band?

  54. If you get the $30 day 2 ticket, you won’t get to see the k-pop band, am i right?


  56. ARH I am 13 yrs old why must been 16y above…? so unfair ~~~ I want BEAST oppas.NOOOO!!!

  57. omg!!!!
    i want BEAST or 2NE1!!!!!!

  58. 2ne1 please!!(:

  59. Heys.. just wondering…its free standing right…so do we need to stand according to our ticket no (if there is any) or is it based on first come first serve basis?? Hopefully its U-Kiss or 2NE1 ^^

  60. hey xliSh~ aren’t you gonna update the details? or is it still not confirmed?

  61. when will they confirmed which group performing ? (:

  62. heard become secret, f.cuz, infinte.. -.-“

  63. @xherry

    if so, i hope it’s INFINITE!!!!

  64. c’mon! where’s the details?

  65. I’ve seen this on twitter and it says:

    The group attending bedok reservoir concert is changed to either secret, fcuz, infinite !

    Is this information true?

  66. will we get autographs from all the members for the band??

  67. cfm artist is Ukiss.. lols.. on 19th nov.. for both concert and fanmeet.. 38 is onli concert price.. lols

  68. I want UKiss only!

  69. What if we go for both?? Then if the fanmeet is first, then after that, we have to rush to queue for the concert?? Wont we be at the back?? BTW, my ticket is the priority one. (:


  70. i wanted to know, how many tickets are there for the BR concert o: ?

  71. There will be aprroximately 4k tickets cause there’ll be other local bands too if I am not wrong. The priority ticket is only for the concert and cannot be used in Fan meet. Moreover, the vip tickets (access to both fanmeet & concert) price are not fixed yet. Further details will be out soon. Do stay tune to your respective distributors for more information!~

    It’s Official! U-Kiss is coming to Singapore on 19th November at Bedok Reservoir! Fan meet will start at 12pm and tickets are going at $168/each! Mini concert will be at 8pm(priority queue starts at 6pm)! Concert tickets are going at only $38/each! Please stay tune for more details coming up! Get your tickets reserved before they’re gone!~ ♥♥

  72. OMG IM RLY RLY CONFUSED.can someone help?
    so to clarify,168 is for the fanmeet/fansign thing
    its at bedok reservoir.
    500 VIP tickets.
    so the rest who doesnt get the VIP tickets dun get their autographs?!
    does anyone know who the organiser is?cos i only see like various ppl selling the tickets but idk who’s the organiser….

  73. fanmeet is not fan sign right?

  74. What is the price of the fanmeet? Is it free?

  75. for the queing that starts at 6…is there any priority queue given to those who buy the $168 tix?? that means those who buy the $38 will be at the back even if we arrive early to queue?? Omo i hope not >.<

  76. Is there still tickets left? I’ve sent an email but there’s no reply.

  77. Hey, it is not possible that i send in my order now right?

  78. Can I ask, when is the deadline for ordering of conert tickets?

  79. Hi.

    Is the tix still available? I’ve sent an email. Hope to get a reply soon. :)

  80. hey, u have yet to e-mail me a confirmation of my tickets. :)

  81. So the details of the collection of the tix will be sent thru email right?

  82. I want to sell my Ukiss Concert Ticket coz of other urgent matters and unable to attend the concert :(
    Pls email me at if you are interested.

  83. Selling one U-kiss concert tix at actual price, $38. Mail me at if you’re interested. Thanks! :)

  84. Dear sg xclusive,

    It seems like my tweets and emails were being ignored. Once again, may I know when you will be able to transfer my $100 back since I will not be going to the UKISS concert/fanmeet.

    Pls revert back. It has been abt 2 weeks already.

    Thank you.

  85. Hi! i’m selling only 2 Ukiss prioirty Tix (MvsV) tix.
    Email me @ if interested
    Bid starts at $25 each.
    Highest bid would get it.

    Thanks~ :)

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  87. Hello. I’m selling 3 priority tickets for the Ukiss event.
    Email at
    fast deal. $25 each, the original price.
    thanks !

  88. Hello! I’m SELLING TWO BEDOK RESERVOIR CONCERT TICKETS at the original price of $38 each. Please email me at if interested, thanks!!

  89. Hello! Along with two 38-dollar concert tickets, I’m also selling two priority-queue concert tickets at $50 each. Please email me at if interested, thanks!!

  90. Hello ^^ I’m selling one normal concert ticket at its original price, $38, since my friend couldn’t come to the concert. Email me at if anyone’s interested. Thanks =D

  91. WOW okay I have a last minute 50-dollar priority concert ticket to sell. Please text me at 91796296 ASAP, thanks!

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  93. my friend had death in family. Check and light a candle

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