Round-up of Kpop Events in June 2010

Suffering from withdrawal symptoms after a month’s worth of Kpop hype in Singapore? Here’s a recap (with photos) of the Kpopped month June.


Read on!

First up, Super Junior on the 6 of June. In a flurry 9 out of the active 10 arrived in Singapore to launch the new Samsung phone Galaxy S, the first time in the world, followed by a mini showcase of 5 songs, namely Bonamana, Yesung’s solo It Has To Be You, Rokkugo, Pajama Party and finally well-known Sorry Sorry.

At the press conference, the boys showed off their humour side – Leeteuk kept praising Samsung saying, “My father Samsung, my mother Singtel, I love Singapore!” Other members also took photos and played random sounds from the phone, making the media laugh throughout the session.

The showcase after the press conference was as entertaining. During the showcase Ryeowook’s birthday was celebrated, and fans sang the birthday song in Korean while the boys had a mini cake fight onstage. Super Junior left Singapore that very night, promising to return again – for Super Show 3 next year.

Next up was Wonder Girls who came to Singapore on the 12th to promote Sony Ericsson, participate in a charity auction and also have a showcase featuring 6 songs: 2 Different Tears, PCD’s Don’t Cha, So Hot, Nobody, I tried and Tell Me.

At the press conference the 5 girls were bombarded questions about their current activities and in general, more personal issues. Like a question about whether they accept the American ‘open’ attitude and whether they were offended by Taiwan host Xiao S when she probed about their ‘first time’. The girls took it graciously and Yeeun answered, “We understand the difference in cultures, so we don’t get offended”, “It was actually fun, we would like to go on the show again!” Another question was about how many children they wanted to have, and while Hye Lim said “2 to 3?” Yeeun said she would like to have 5 children!

Also, a day before showcase the girls travelled to four locations in Singapore to promote SE, and lucky fans who answered some trivia from them also got to take photos with the girls themselves. As the Wonder Girls re-embarked on the second leg of their concert tour, there is possible hint that they may stop by local shores again – however a while later.

Thirdly came U-Kiss, the 7 multinational boy group boasting of their knowledge of both Chinese and English. They arrived for 3 days worth of activities, having their meet and greet, going on local TV show Sheng Siong Show, having their showcase and then on local radio station 100.3. With all these activities, they were actually the first Kpop group to appear on Singapore free-to-air TV and Radio, isn’t that awesome?

During their free time the boys caused a pretty big sensation by going shopping at ION, jogging at East Coast, swimming in the middle of the night etc. Of course they were mobbed by fans wherever they went but instead of pushing them away, the boys let the fans stay and take photos, how sweet is that?

Some trivia of U-Kiss while they were in Singapore: Alexander actually gave Kevin a new nickname: Mervin. Kevin was said to swim pretty well so with Merlion as the local icon, he linked it with Kevin to form “Mervin”. Also, Alexander’s aunt lives in Singapore (wonder who?). In two interviews with U-Kiss, all the boys said Alexander was the “aunt” of the group, perpetually nagging at them to eat well. And other than eating the most, maknae Dongho was in fact also the biggest bully of the group!

There’s no definite plan to return soon but Alexander mentioned that they want to stopover in Singapore for their Asia concert tour if possible.

Finally the last group to wrap up the month was none other than Cute Cube’s Beast. There was a huge hu-ha at the airport on their arrival day as it coincided with U-Kiss’ departure for Korea. The amount of fans at the airport that day was double the size of previous kpop group departures, most probably because both groups were there. There was a minor stampede at the departure area when a group of fangirls fell and apparently from hearsay, Soohyun from U-Kiss wanted to help but was pushed along by the guards. Alexander, despite the chaos, was smiling and waving to all the fans until the end. A lucky fanboy even got Eli to autograph on his album before they entered the hall. Even inside, Alexander and Kevin still tweeted about how much they hated to say goodbye.

The amount of fans slowly moved to the arrival area afterwards and the crowd was huge when the 6 boys of Beast appeared in casual outfits, smiling and waving at fans. Even while travelling back to hotel, they kept their curtains open and were waving to fans. Yoseob was spotted filming the fans with their manager Jiyong’s camcorder.

The following 3 days were packed with a Hi-5 session at IMM, showcase at Mediacorp and a fansign back at IMM. The response to these events were huge – both showcase and fansign tickets were sold out the day it was released, so much so the organisers added 1000 more slots which, if the number of tickets for Hi-5, showcase and fansign were totalled, came up to 5000 tickets; Hi-5 with near 1000, showcase about 1000, fansign near 3000.

The only free time Beast had was on the first day when they hopped on the Hippo bus tour and in fact, enjoyed it very much.

Beast did a preview of their showcase at the Hi-5 session with hit song Shock, and further wow-ed fans at the showcase with ALL the songs from their “Shock Of The Era” album – Beast is the Best, Bad Girl, Mystery, Easy, Special and Oasis (Yet was during interview). Lucky fans that were in the first two rows of seats got loads of fanservice and even shook hands with the boys. Two girls, dubbed by fans as the “Oasis girl” and “the girl who played the game” got even luckier. Many went hysterical watching them interact with the boys (…actually it really seems like the boys had fun instead; the two girls look a little too stressed).

There was an interview segment during the filming of Entertainment on 5, and each of the 6 boys showed off their talents. Dongwoon said he was good at piano, Hyunseung danced/popped, while Kikwang said he was good at any kind of sports and immediately went on the floor to do pumping! Junhyung did his rap part in labelmate Hyuna’s song Change, with Doojoon beat-boxing in the background, and for Doojoon himself, he just mentioned he loved soccer (following which the host got the crowd cheering “Dae~ Han Min Guk! (Korea)”). Finally Yoseob denied his dance talent and adorable looks and sang a few lines of Yet, which further mesmerized the fans.

Even though a lot of fans complained about problems with Mediacorp’s queuing and seating arrangements and restrictions (when it was supposed to be a showcase instead of a recording, forcing fans to not take photos/videos and even no fanboard-raising), there’s no denying the boys’ performance won over the disgruntlement.

The fansign was yet another sight as around 2000 fans turned up, with even aunties and younger kids joining the queue. The organiser managed to pack everyone into the Sky Garden, which was pretty impressive, and moreover everyone with the ticket managed to get all the members’ autographs – a great improvement from previous fansigns. Even though fans were rushed offstage, the boys tried to greet everyone in the limited time and fans still left satisfied.

The same night Beast boarded a coach to Malaysia for their activities in KL the next day. Yoseob did a shoutout to the fans before boarding: “I love Singapore!”, and even on the bus, he put a tortoise soft toy at the window to bid fans goodbye. They left with fans singing “Easy” – the line that goes, “I don’t want to say goodbye.



And after all the grieving.. let’s all start prepping for Kpopping July, with 2AM, Lee Minho, After School and F.Cuz! (and rumour has it that one more Kpop artist may come too! But let’s leave it at that~)

Post away! ^^

Thank you for your participation! The contest is now over~
Have a chance to win High Definition never-seen-before exclusive photos only here! (: Just leave a comment on this post on”What do you do when your favourite Kpop act is in Singapore?”! (e.g. stalk them, write fanletters, buy gifts, fanchants, etc) And also your one photo request (SHINee, FTI, Junho/Junsu, WG, Super Junior or Beast). Remember to INSERT your EMAIL when posting! 5 winners will be announced on the 2nd of July.

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21 thoughts on “Round-up of Kpop Events in June 2010

  • June 30, 2010 at 12:18 AM

    Answer : I will stalk them, write fan letters, buy gifts, do placards, practice fanchants, think of what to say to them when i saw them, take pictures of them, take videos of them etc 😀 Anything and everything i will just do it just for them 😀

    Photo request : BEAST! 😀

  • June 30, 2010 at 12:21 AM

    1) i start by preparing fan letters and gifts(snacks), i customize each letter to each specific member. For example, every wonderful knows that yenny loves food, so i got her a card with a food design, sunye with a puppy card (her nickname is minjookie), yoobin a card with japanese words, lim a pink card, sohee her fave shin-chan character snack.
    2) Next i made my VERY FIRST fan board which reads “yiwei <3 WG"
    3) me and my other wonderful friends will of course follow wondergirls to every PUBLIC event, in this case, singtel commcentre, paragon M1, plaza sing, illuma and the SHOWCASE at marina sands. and also welcome the girls at the airport!

    4) during the showcase, i together with all the other wonderfuls present would scream fanchats before, during and after the songs!

    photo: WONDERGIRLS <3

    thanks! 😀

  • June 30, 2010 at 12:22 AM

    I guess my fan experience was pretty gd this time round! I kinda stalked both Ukiss and Beast. And of course fanchants are like duh?! OF COURSE IT’S A MUST! 😀 And, i manage to pass both Kibum and Doojoon my gift for them. :’) All in all, HAHA. But on the other hand, I feel kinda guilty towards not updating myself w FTI who is like my number1 kpop bias grp! 🙁 Hopefully this is gd enough! Thanks for letting me try my luck. Lolol.

    Photo request (only 1):
    Its difficult to choose but.. FTI! 🙂

    Joyced_ @

  • June 30, 2010 at 12:23 AM

    Answer: I will rush down to the airport to welcome them, so as to show my support for them. ^^ No matter what events they have in Singapore, be it be showcase, autographs session, or even better, concerts, I will definitely mark down these days to attend all these! ^^ If there is chance for fans to have a close-contact with the idols, I would buy gift and write letter to my favourite member of the group to express my support and encouragement for him! ((:
    Photo request (only 1): SHINee! My favourite kpop idol<3

  • June 30, 2010 at 12:25 AM

    Answer: I make sure I have tickets to all their events, welcome them at the airport, stalk them to hotel, queue overnight for good views at fansign/showcases, make placards & prepare gifts for them. My camera was in china when I attended SJ showcase. But rest assured I don’t attack them or anything. When ukiss walked past me right infront of my face, I simply shook their hands while other girls were practically pouncing on them :X My camera died on me when I went for BEAST’s events T_____T but hyunseung recognised me <3 okay I shall stop here heheh.
    Photo request (only 1): BEAST. (hyunseung-biased) xD

  • June 30, 2010 at 12:56 AM

    Answer: Of course get tickets to see them! Fan letters(gifts are too heavy) & Think of pick-up lines to say to them. XD

    Photo request: so….BEAST! XD

  • June 30, 2010 at 1:29 AM

    Answer: I am really a fanatic of Super Junior. As it is very hard to see them, I will go the extra mile even risk my life to see them.
    I queue for their event for 3 days in advance and when they are here, I waited at the airport even if I cannot get to see them I still waited there for 10 hours. After 10 hours of waiting, I received the news that they are out from the airport and I took the maxi cab to chase them to where they are going.
    Even behind the closed curtains, I peeped into small gaps in between just to see their faces for 2 seconds during the journey. It is very risky as it is on the expressway and our driver has to drive slowly to keep in the same speed as their bus.
    During the showcase, I rushed to the first row and squeezed with the other fans. Despite being pushed and stepped, it’s worth the torture. When they are out to perform, I waved and shout their names as if it is a “shout or die” event. After the performance, I booked a maxi cab to chase them to where they are going. In the end, they ended up at the airport for their departure. I rushed out of the cab before my driver stop the car, I could not bear missing a second of glimpse of Super Junior. That’s what I do when super junior is here.

    Photo request: SUPER JUNIOR!

  • June 30, 2010 at 7:57 AM

    Answer: I attended all the UKISS events in Singapore! (except for their press conference-.-)It’s the first time I experience so much fun and excitement chasing stars guess cos they’re one of my favourite groups!! Alexander is my ideal type and I will never forget the moment together with him^^ & not forgetting the gifts that I gave them during the fanmeet. Xander said O.M.G. when he saw my portugese egg tarts with his eyes wide open ^^ Never regretted going for it! ALso went to the airport to fetch other artists but Ukiss’s arrival and departure was the one I spent most time with them ^^

    Photo request (only 1): FT Island!!~~

  • June 30, 2010 at 11:04 AM

    Answer: Well, i make sure i have tickets to all their events. Because it’s really rare to see my favourite KPOP group in Singapore and it’s a once in a life time opportunity to see them in real life.
    I make sure i know all their fanchants too. Just like for BEAST showcase, i was screaming their fanchants together with the rest of the fans.
    I take part in fan projects. Like for Zuno’s showcase in Singapore, i actually wrote a message in a photobook and Zuno actually read the book page by page cause there’s photos that shown him reading it. I also wrote a message for BEAST as well.

    More importantly, I make sure that i take lots of photos and videos when i attend their events. That time when i went for BEAST autograph session, i was too far back thus i couldn’t take any good photos T.T

    Well, i will just do anything just for my favourite KPOP group 🙂

    Photo request: BEAST !!

  • June 30, 2010 at 2:31 PM

    I will be at the airport to welcome them and send them off when they depart. I will hire a van and stalk them, I will buy all their event tickets and queue overnight to get the best views and seats, I will buy presents and write letters to them.

    If my financial situation allows, I will book a room in the hotel they stay so I can increase my chances of seeing them again.

    Photo Request: SHINee 🙂

  • June 30, 2010 at 3:27 PM

    Answer: I will quickly go check their arrival and departure details and then will buy their tickets if they have showcase/autograph/hi-5 event. When going for their arrival, I will come 5/7 hours before their arrival time. If capitals allow, I will together with friends go for car chase. I will then do the placards, fanletter and buy gifts for them. I will also make sure I know their fanchants and also sing with them. I will overnight before event start unless the organiser stated not overnight-ing. If the event allow fans to interact with idols like autograph/hi-5 session, for example like BEAST hi-5 session, I talk to them to get their attention and they reply back. I will also give them the fan letters/gifts to them. But if unable, for example Super junior showcase in SG, I gave them together in a group with the SJ fansite. If time allows, I will stalk them at least one day and then respect their privacy for the rest of the days. Fans like me willing to do anything that is good and supportive for them but not harmful stuff to them and lastly respect the securities, organisers and also my idols’ privacy.
    Photo request: Super Junior

  • July 1, 2010 at 12:26 PM

    – I grief over not being able to support them directly, but through the internet. Recently, BEAST have performed at Singapore and I just jumped at the news. Everyday I visited an International Beast forum and I searched up all the fan pictures taken from the event. I saved the ones I like (mostly Hyunseung:D ) & sometimes make icons of them. strange? Nahh. Anyway, not only do I check out the pictures, but I also watch some close up fan cams. Although sometimes the videos are not as clear and has huge background screams, I still enjoy every second of it. Just seeing their hardworking self makes me a happy fan and I know that they’ll always give it their all. I don’t live anywhere near Singapore and always feel the jealousy of how I can’t attend these fan meets. Just reading some of these entries give me chills as they actually have seen them face to face. If I had the chance to attend these conferences and get-together with these idols, I’d probably go psycho mode and do everything that is possible to support them. Fan letters, gifts, hold up signs, anything to show them support(:

    • July 1, 2010 at 12:27 PM

      – Ohh yeah! Photo Request – BEAST!

  • July 1, 2010 at 4:39 PM

    Answer: Before they even come to Singapore, I will rush to get tickets to every event XD (this is for BEAST, so hi5, showcase and fansign) and join every contest i find haha (MTV HIPPO BUS <3) . When they finally arrived, of cos i checked their flight details and everything 😀 I also went to mediacorp immediately after the hi5 session and rushed home to get my showcase tickets the moment i realise they needed the showcase passes for queue numbers. And of cos who can forgot their fansign. Passed them my fanletters and presents <3 Ok ignore my rants. The thing is, I will attend every single event (at the expense of my meals, haha only had less than a meal a day), write fanletters, get them presents, learn their fanchants (although it's already kind of in my head after watching all their performances online), rush around the country, and scream my heart out just for them <3

    Photo request (only 1): BEAST (and oh i'm hyunseung biased too xD)

  • July 1, 2010 at 9:37 PM

    Answer: Well, i would rush to buy their tickets for the events they are doing while in singapore. like showcase, fanmeeting and stuff. I would also write fanletters to them and learn and practice fanchants too. 😀 lastly, i would not invade privacy so that they will feel comfortable in singapore and leave a good impression on us, fans.

    Photo request (only 1): Junho/Junsu!

  • July 1, 2010 at 9:59 PM

    ANSWER: 24/7 to STALK TWITTER to get their latest updates while they are in Singapore – if there is any victims who got splashed by water and their feelings / reviews while they are in Singapore.

    Photo Request (only 1): none other than… SUPER JUNIOR!

  • July 1, 2010 at 10:16 PM

    Answer: i will go to their twitter, check out what are they doing and stuff. and try to stalk where ever they go in sg.
    Photo Request: SHINee.
    (i think i got post comment til but i didnt see it, so just trying again.)

  • July 2, 2010 at 12:15 AM

    Answer: I will show my full support by joining all their events (trying whatever ways i can to get their tickets), spreading my love and cheering my heart out for them! I will bring a number of my friends who aint their fans to join in the events as well (spread da love!), which it works as my friends are now huge fans of beast! My colleagues got interested in kpop too!

    Photo request: BEAST! <3

  • July 2, 2010 at 12:28 AM

    Answer: i bought the tickets for singapore entertainment awards, the most expensive 1 so to get the best view to see them. i bought 2 albums(Y.O.U), the second 1 is just to get the tickets for the showcase. i went to the airport to welcome them as well as to send them off as though i live in jurong west!! i had also prepared fan gifts and letter to show my support for them since replay period!

    Photo request : SHINee, my fav k-pop grp!!!

  • July 2, 2010 at 10:39 PM

    I hope I’m not too late, been busy with O levels ):

    Answer: What do I do when Super Junior is in Singapore? Lots of things. Firstly, I spazz by myself, anywhere and anytime. In class, I will doodle all 13 names all over my worksheets and also my friends’ if they’re (un)lucky enough xD Even my non kpop friends all know the names of the SJ members already! And that’s not easy, seeing that there’s 13 of them. Tee hee, I’m proud of my friends! 😀 My friends are also probably sick of hearing the two words “Super” and “Junior” coming out of my mouth, because thats what I talk about everyday!

    Secondly, I bought a (really expensive) ticket to their showcase! I used to dream about meeting Super Junior and seeing them perform live, so when I found out that they were coming to Singapore, to this tiny dot, I knew I just couldn’t miss this opportunity! I couldn’t buy the phone and I felt that it wasn’t worth it anyway, so I searched online for various means and ways to buy a showcase ticket, and my efforts paid off! Although it is really expensive, and the amount I paid is definitely enough for me to go for a full fledged concert, I didn’t hesitate to spend my money! Because it’s for Super Junior, I’m definitely willing to spend any amount of money, even though I’m still a student. I queued for 12 hours, just to hear 5 songs and get packed and squeezed with so many other fans. It was tiring, and I got 4 blisters, but it was all worth it. I know, 36 dollars for a song, that’s pretty crazy right? But that’s what Super Junior does to me. xD

    I do follow them on twitter, and constantly check their twitters for updates. Imagine how happy I was when they tweeted about Singapore! I was literally dancing around my room 8D I also go onto forums, sjworld, pearlbluesg etc to find out more news about them and spazz more, for example, finding out their flight details.
    I actually suffered from SJ withdrawal syndrome when they left. ): I refused to talk about them to anyone, and didn’t even feel like going online to search for videos and fancams of the showcase. That was the first time I ever felt this way, never for BEG, FTI or even Shinee.
    I seriously can’t wait for SS3. I can predict that it’s going to be the best day of my life.

    Photo request (only 1): SUPER JUNIOR

  • July 2, 2010 at 10:50 PM

    Answer: Upon hearing of SJ coming to Singapore, and it’s only a short half day period of them here, i started preparing gifts, my script to prepare what to shout out to them, got myself early at the airport, hoping to see them! I followed their bus almost the whole day of their journey. Sadly i couldn’t get any of the tickets to their showcase at MBS, so i waited and parked my car outside MBS and waited for them to come out after their event.And I then followed them all the way to the aiport vip hall exit!
    Photo Request: Super Junior


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