(x)clusive: Full Coverage STORY of Zuno’s events in SG

The four days of Jun Brothers in Singapore are over.. Are you feeling the withdrawal symptoms yet? ^^

Since last Thursday when they turned up at Changi Airport, the brothers have not failed to amaze everyone. Even the style of decoy then was one-of-a-kind – by sending out a dancer who was dressed up just like Junho! It was indeed pretty successful; however when the real deal appeared, you cannot deny the popularity of the boys – hundreds of fangirls screaming and cheering for them.

Junho was tight-packed with activities throughout the trip – the following day he had a mini fanmeet with Teens magazine readers at Cineleisure, followed by a rehearsal at Resorts World for the showcase.

Meanwhile fan accounts report Junsu having a leisure time, taking a dip at the swimming pool in the hotel and going on a suntan at East Coast Park.

On showcase day itself, Junho appeared at Movida @ St James Power Station at 12PM for a press conference. Dressed in a suit with a naughty three-quarter pants, the man was really polite and showed no loftiness of a celebrity – he was one of the rare ones who turns up at press conferences on time! (His fans were even earlier than him though, some arrived at 9PM the night before, and some were giving out fan support items.)

Junho started to talk a bit about his debut single, and then the floor was open for questions. When asked about Singapore, he mentioned that this was his first time here; there was so many places he wanted to go! However due to his tight schedule he had no time, so he really wanted to come back to Singapore again to sight-see. About local fans, he said that he was happy to see the passionate fans and is very thankful.

So what kind of artist does he want to be remembered as? He said, “I want to stay humble… and be remembered as the artist who is always trying hard and doing his best.” (he IS indeed humble)

Then was it hard to debut his career in China? The hardest part for Junho was the language barrier. He said that his Chinese is still imperfect and he’s trying very hard to learn better. (In fact I think his Chinese is pretty good! He took instructions in Chinese from one of the organisers)

He does not treat his brother Junsu like a rival in the industry – instead, like a mentor, as Junsu often gives him tips on singing and performing. Junsu is indeed famous, but that just motivates him more to one day, be able to be compared to his brother as a rival.

Then who is his inspiration? Or aka as known as his idol? *drum rolls*… It’s Rain! “Not only singing but the charisma onstage” That’s he wants to learn. His favourite music genres are dancing and pop music.

Have you wondered why he is called Zuno? Other than Zuno sounding like Junho, there was a mini story behind it. Junho wanted a name good for international fans to call him, and decided on Juno at first, but after some discussion his manager got him to change to Zuno because “Z” is cooler!

After the Q&A, Junho performed his track “I Love You” specially for media, and despite some nervousness he did electrify some females in the crowd with his shy look at the part he sings “Saranghae”~

The fanmeet right after it was packed with fun; fans got to play some games with Junho onstage and one of them even got a hug from him! Seriously, he is really good at games. The fans were also treated to a performance of “I Love You” and a session of phototaking and handshake with him. And once the fanmeet ended, he and crew rushed straight down to Resorts World, Sentosa for the big night.

Fans filtered into the auditorium from 4PM onwards while the dancers, Jun Brothers and host Liyi were busily preparing backstage. At 6PM, Junho started the stage with his hit and lead track, “Nothing To Lose”.

Throughout the showcase the fans were very supportive and kept screaming and waving their lightboards and signs to the music. They even came up with a fanchant on the spot! Some lucky fans also got to present flowers, catch baseballs from Junho (Junho is very strong – he threw the ball right to the other end of the auditorium!) and one even got to be sung at when he sang “I Love You“.

The fans went especially crazy whenever Junsu appeared – be it on videos or the real person himself. A memorable part was, the video was playing Mirotic and the fans were screaming its fanchant. All the more when Junsu appeared onstage for the first time in Singapore and sang English song “Greatest Love Of All“.. Some fans almost cried.

At one part of the showcase, the Jun Brothers met onstage. It was a sight – Junho is indeed taller than Junsu, but the brotherly love was apparent – they hugged to show support for each other. Junho even waved hi to their mother seated downstage.

Junho also sang an English song, Just Love, showing off his good pronounciation. He was really nervous, perhaps, glancing at the lyrics many a time, but no one can deny he sang pretty well.

The showcase ended with an encore stage, probably the best of the night – the Korean version of his hit track “Nothing To Lose” (not released anywhere at all!). The charisma and stage presence onstage was so good fans were all up screaming and cheering, and he himself just go all nervousness and did a great job.

While Junsu left on the plane that night, Junho had to run another schedule the next afternoon, his last official event, the fanmeet at IMM.

Fans turned up bright and early at the area while the man himself, having a slight delay due to traffic conditions, turned up near 3PM with his mother. Junho firstly thanked the fans for support at the showcase, and then his mother went onstage to show encouragement.

Following on there was an auction for Make-A-Wish Foundation, and the items were an autographed Dwejitokki (Pig Rabbit, appeared in You’re Beautiful), an autographed Junho figurine and finally Junho’s ring itself. It was amazing how far fans went to support Junho – while the Pig Rabbit and figurine were sold around one hundred dollars, Junho’s ring fetched up to $800! The fan also got Junho to put it on for her – how sweet, the other fans may be thanking that it was not the real thing.

Junho went on to autograph a stack of posters for the lucky fans, and received a lot of gifts too.

He left that night on the midnight plane back to Beijing.


Interesting Trivia about Kims:
– Do you know that Junho signed the autographs for the Movida fanmeet until 5AM in the morning in the hotel?
Junsu only accompanied his brother during rehearsal and showcase. Off for his own holiday other than that.
– Junho is more popular among.. staff. keke
– Jun Bro’s mum is really nice and polite. She greets everyone she sees!
Junho signed for every thing imaginable – bottles, cards, stickers, albums, posters, books – and someone’s iPod cover.
– Yeah, he signed, bathed and signed. And sign and sign and sign.
– He is really nervous on stage. haha!
– He loves to search the crowd for a familiar face and smile at him/her.

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