(x)culsively made: Haru Haru MV (feat Yoona)

Made this back in 2008, gosh I was so in love with this song. and Soshibang.

Sypnosis (you may want to watch it first before reading): The girl in Haru Haru MV, G-Dragon’s girlfriend, is Yoona. She breaks up with GD and on this night, a stalker finds her. She calls Taeyang for help.. GD couldn’t reach in time, she escapes but gets hit by a car. At the hospital, despite her injuries she runs off to avoid GD, and…

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One thought on “(x)culsively made: Haru Haru MV (feat Yoona)

  • April 15, 2010 at 9:39 AM

    kewlz!! yoona iz so pretty!! tt GD is such a @#%$#% 2 like break up wit her!!!


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