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Sorry for the lack of updates today, life got busy a bit. My weekends are always taken 🙁

Anyway, I’ll be refurnishing this blog over the weekend I hope, because it looks soo cluttered. Don’t be too shocked by the changes! Haha. Fighting minor cognitive dissonance.

For those who’re looking for today’s happenings;

Isak, Jo Kwon, Seulong went to Boyz II Men concert. Jo Kwon tweeted in English lol,

  1. I need to practice it more often to write in English better haha Goodnight~~
  2. Whenever my favorite singer has a comcert,i always attend boyz to man concert . The concert was a live performance.boyz to man sing really well~~ good!!!! http://twitpic.com/1g15cs
  3. 슬옹형 and me !! Go to the boyz to man concert !! ^^ 기대된다 ㅎㅎ

^ trans: Seulong hyung and me!! Go to the boyz to man concert !! ^^ Can’t wait haha


SHINee and SNSD reached China, Shanghai safely. haha. For SNSD’s concert tomorrow, 17th April! I don’t see Super Junior who’s supposed to guest too though..


Hmm, U-Kiss’ Alexander tweeted too, making people go crazy over it. (in order of recency)

  1. Alrite! Gave lots of updates already~ Please continue to support U-KISS! KISS-ME “Go go hey U Go Girl~ Dara dara dada that Girl!” LOL~
  2. Please don’t be upset if we’re not YET going to your countries. Would love to go to Indonesia, Brunei, Laos, Vietnam, etc~ Look forward tho!
  3. To all our foreign fans! It seems like U-KISS would be going to the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong for concert, showcase, etc~
  4. U-KISS members are also appearing separately in around 10 different variety shows~ so be BUSY checking them out~ ^^
  5. Alrite! Let me tell u some of U-KISS’ updates~ After “U-KISS Vampire” we’re having a new show about COOKING~ so check it out in future~
  6. OH! BTW~ Thanks for trending U-KISS + MRGUkiss yesterday~ we appreciate that a LOT~ ^3^ “BACK TO OPEN ARMS”!!! LOL~
  7. Wassup!? Thanks for checking out MCountdown~ Yesterday was a tough & rough day for U-KISS~ But we’re FINE!^^ “FIX MY BROKEN HEART”!! LOL~^^


MLAQ’s Thunder tweeted too, just. He was saying he has a headache, then he told everyone to sleep (but he’s not sleeping), and tweeted 2 random photos:

Eat Healthy Fruit is Cut by Joon to me~~

Food belongs to this Joon and mir ~

Healthy and Unhealthy lifestyles of MBLAQ? Sound familiar? haha

Wells, that’s all for today. For Hey, Bro me2day, no photos about Onew, just this one:


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