New Boyband 2NISE!

Have you heard of them? No?

2NISE is made up of three members: John, Hohyeon, and Jogeun, who all take part in the composition and production of their music. Their sound spans across genres of Hip Hop, R&B and electronica. They just released their debut album, 왜이래, on the 14th of April with the following tracklist:

왜이래 Tracklist

01. 그대만 보고 그대만 안고 그대만 사랑할게요 – Listen
02. 왜이래 (Feat. Ha Ju Yeon of Jewelry) (She Said) – Listen
03. U R Ma Girl – Listen
04. 왜이래 (Feat. 낯선) (He Said) – Listen
05. Because Of You (John Solo) – Listen
06. 왜이래 (Inst.)
07. Because Of You (Inst.)

Here’s their MV teaser + their cover of After School’s Because of You:

Like I said, I’m turning into a fan just listening to the songs. :3


Official Soompi Thread (no info yet)
Official DAUM fancafe
Official YT account


EDIT: Someone from Soompi said John was actually from 5tion and After Rain in the past (like HOT/GOD time), and his Korean name is 황성환. So I went to seaarch and here’s.. him. If this Soompier is true.

I actually found some photos on Daum that mentioned 2nise music video. I wonder how they look like.. I’m really NOT sure if it’s them, since the lead actress in this MV filming is different, but they can be filming for another MV.. if it is them.. then.. okay, it is. Lol. (credit as tagged, and if take out, CREDIT (x)culsive/

Talking about the Music video, do you know the actress is called Yumura, a.. famous sexy actress. Not to go further with that. Lol what a way of promotion.. -_-


3 thoughts on “New Boyband 2NISE!

  • April 15, 2010 at 9:16 AM

    LOL anticipating! SM really good at coming up with weird names.. hahaha..

    • April 15, 2010 at 6:03 PM

      Lol they aren’t under SM..

  • April 15, 2010 at 7:16 PM

    isiz? LOL then wad?

    Oh you have a cute dp.. hahaha..


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