More SHINee in Singapore videos!

100405 ETN reports on SHINee in Singapore too! This time they have extended backstage clips! There’s JongHo and OnKey sangtae! xD Key’s aegyo.

Part 1 of official broadcast of Singapore E Entertainment Awards on Channel 56, SHINee’s perf, apparently someone recorded this on camera. Haven’t seen anyone who recorded it T_T I hope it airs on Channel U soon!

Part 2 of the broadcast

^seriously it’s cool how all the camera shots for Replay, Ring Ding Dong and JoJo are different from Korean broadcasts. The boys don’t know where to look haha! BUT! Key found the cameras quite astonishingly O_O

A little extra:

Fancam of Onew at Sukira (replacing ill Eeteuk yesterday) His ‘~’ face and ^▽^ face ♥

LINK to Omy feature of SHINee Part 3

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