School Attack + Omy 5-part Special featuring SHINee (until 7th April)

OnKey Mission

Ohh I just rewatched 081025 MTV School Attack, where Onew and Key inhaled lots of oxygen & cheated the students about an emergency exercise lol. Watching School Attack always makes me wish I was studying in Korea, because you’ll never get cute hotties/ pretty girls into your school for fun to shock and perform for you anywhere else! Even SNSD’s debut performance was on School Attack (before official debut on MCountdown – they did Britney’s Do Something (Y)). But School Attack has ended, but the spirit of performing at schools & universities still remain – and I’m still jealous of these people haha *_*

Omy featuring SHINee

Anyway, for those interested, esp Singaporeans, you may be happy to know that will be having a 5-part feature about SHINee and their trend in Singapore, starting from today until 7th April. They’ll release different content + videos every time, including interviews and analysis about Kpop in SG and stuff, so do watch out for that!

Link to section in Omy
Link to Part 1 Feature of SHINee (Released April 1st)

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