100413 Quick updates!

Oh yes, some quick updates.

Flight details of ZUNO’s arrival:
29 April – KE 641 @ 2120hrs (Terminal 2)

And it seems like SHINee IS going to Malaysia for real, because what I heard was:
1) Someone saw a promotional poster for the event
2) SHINee’s name was submitted to an official government body regarding foreign artistes’ appearance in Malaysia

BUT no one knows when, it could be other events. Let’s wait for more news.

And for those Hello Baby lovers!
I know you guys are really curious, but.. STOPBOOK will NOT be selling the awesomesm SHINee’s Hello Baby photobook, sadly.

STOPBOOK: Thanks for concerning about SHINee’s Hello Baby STOPBOOK. But I’m sorry that SHINee’s Hello Baby STOPBOOK isn’t for sale.

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