#whereintheworldisSHINee ? (tweet this on twitter (: )

So where are they? In Singapore or not?
People camping at the aiport for the past 24 hours have come back with depressing no news, and all of us are tired from running to the airport back and forth. Again and again we are disappointed. (Sigh, we’re Tired of waiting.)

I heard from someone that her friend told her she saw SHINee’s van and them rehearsing at Marina Floating Platform at 1AM just now. But she also told me not to believe her friend. Lol.

Someone said they came on the 1AM flight yesterday, going by VIP/Private gate.

But no one knows exactly, no 100% sure. What can we believe?

I have friends trying out their luck again tomorrow. Let’s see how it goes..

Oh, current update from IMM: Numbers have reached 700+. Still a longgg way till 3000.

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