MV Shares: Run + Try To Copy Me + No One

Last post of today’s spam of posts xD

Yeah, three new MVs to watch. I say I love Epik High’s Run the best, because of the song & it’s awesome meaningful lyrics.

For those who don’t know, this is also the song that got AKP into trouble with Tablo, but yeah I mean.. it is wrong to do what we do, but it spreads the love around.. Tablo gogo~

2NE1’s Try To Copy Me is pretty much like FIRE (space ver.) with CL now repacked as Lady Gaga and Dara shooting a bunch of Duffy Darths, it’s so her lol! Park Bom tried a cooler image but you just can’t change her ‘ace’ attitude and style haha. and M.I.N.Z.Y~ Permed her hair o.o

As for F.Cuz’s No One, yes a lot better than Jiggy, I like this concept xD But I have complains for the song and the boys’ MV filming.. Firstly it sounds like a song U-Kiss will sing, secondly.. their MV solo shoots remind me of SHINee’s Replay – pretty awkward still haha. They’re progressing a bitt too fast? 😡

Which is your favourite out of these three? Share & Vote!

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