Korea♥Singapore – Sundown Festival Day 1

As the songs drown out in the night and the stage lights dim, Sundown Festival-cum-Seoul’d Out concert comes to an end with a blast. The artists are having their last day enjoying the heat in Singapore before flying off at night.

The Arrival:

Was awesome, to have a good view and a tripod with me. Bad thing was, Brown Eyed Girls was not around, they came the following day at 11:15AM on Thai Airways. Anyway, it was the start of everything that became so interesting.

Lee Jisu came out first, no one knew who he was so everyone kept screaming for no reason at all, just because he dressed like a celeb (red hoodie and sunglasses) so the screams. And I totally didn’t notice Mario& and Park Shinhye?

Anyway, T-Max came out next, they stayed pretty long inside. So they were doing all sorts of random things like talking to ahjumma next to them, sitting on luggage belt – and yes they looked into my cam cos my friend beside me was screaming and gesturing at them to look over xD

FT Island came out of the passport check, but took very long at the luggage belt. I’m guessing their instruments took some time to arrive? Or they lost their stuff. They stayed at the belt for a long time, but I could see glimpses of them, Hongki got caught taking off his jacket. Finally they came out and Seunghyun pointed at me/my cam and laughed. Possibility 1: Recognises my cam from the prev time Possibility 2: Saw the BEG fanboard beneath my cam. But it was jjang =D

Watch the fancam.

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